Thursday, May 27, 2010

~C is for....~

C is for cottage.
C is for camping,
which I am off to do for a long weekend.
Enjoy these cottage photos, I will be back shortly!

click on the photo to enlarge, loving all these muted colors!

The giveaway will not be taking place until I return.
The lovely lady sponsoring it is having Internet connection problems~sorry!
all images courtesy ofBHG

15 comments: said...

Beautiful inspiration. Have a fun weekend camping:)
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Seawashed said...

Have a great time camping...we are going next weekend. I have a big chippy wood letter 'C' and it is for Cottage and Coastal!

All things nice... said...

That kitchen is wonderful, love that image. I love cottages, have you ever been to the blog Nostalgia at the Stone House, check out Niki's house in the UK- it is so pretty :)

All things nice...

Robin Johnson said...

Camping and Cottages - Two of my favorite things. Have fun. The family and I head out tomorrow for our first camping trip of the season - YeeHaw!

Lilliedale said...

I hope you have loads of fun camping! Allegedly it will stop raining here on the northern Cali coast sometime soon but I'm not so sure.

Unknown said...

Wow i love the first one, the cottage style bathroom!! I'm choosing the tiles and forniture of my 2 new bathrooms, so this picture is a great inspiration to me!


Shorely Chic said...

such beautiful photos - throw a couple seashells in and heaven!

Burlap Luxe said...

Inspiring rooms to love and just calling me to move in.

Love all the rooms not one favorite over another :)

Love it over here and your first song on your play list in in my car deck right now!!

will see you soon.

SoSoBella said...

love these. love your blog.

Little Emma English Home said...

I like the frist image, the bathroom. Enjoy your free time xoxo

Kasey said...

i'll take the cottage you can take the camping.
have fun.
p.s. fc this year;-(

Connie in Hartwood said...

I could move into each and every one of these rooms! The kitchen photo almost makes me want to cook. Have fun this weekend.

Donna (Timeless Settings) said...

I love that first bathroom photo.Dreamy..


Melissa said...

So pretty, but I could never have that much white in my house- I would kill myself trying to keep it looking clean!

Tess said...

I like the selection of no fail neutrals. Hope you enjoyed your camping trip.

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