Monday, May 10, 2010

~the space between Friday & Monday~

This weekend was all about family.
Care to meet some of them?
My daughter Savannah on the left and my niece Lyla.
Next is Lyla's brother Blake.
Next is my mom with my kiddos, and Lyla again.
These photos were taken at my grandparents house.
If you remember, my grandpa died not too long ago.
We all went over on Saturday and pitched in on their garden,
weeding and planting all the flowers my Grandpa would have.
Sunday was spent at my in~laws home.
The left photo is my mother and father in law
as well as my husband and 2 out of his 6 sisters.
The photo on the right is us.
Do you see those sunglasses?
Yes, it was hot enough for the kids to go swimming
in the lake for the first time this year!

My sister in law and her husband and their kids.....

my handsome husband,
my darling daughter who just got her braces off after 2 years,
and my posing son!
Can you tell he is getting to big to kiss his mom in public?

One of my other sister in laws, my father in law,
nephew Blake, and niece Taylor.
{don't you just love that hair?!!!}

And a few more of the kiddos.
Lyla, Taylor, and Reagan.

I hope you all had a weekend filled with family, love, and laughs!


The House Creative said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! I am pretty sure I know your sister in-law. Small world! :-) She does flowers right?

Unknown said...

What a happy looking family you have! Looks like fun!

Angela said...

Precious kids, precious memories!!

Angela said...
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Simply LKJ said...

Looks like y'all had a fab weekend! Such sweet pictures. Love the one of you and Cody!

Susan said...

Great photos! Lovely family! Special week-end...Congrats to Sweet Savannah on getting her braces off. Has the slickery feeling gone away yet? :) Great smile!

Beth said...

What a beautiful family you have!! Thanks for sharing! xoxo Beth

Debbie said...

Looks like everyone had a great time together by all the smiles on their faces. Beautiful pictures!!

Kelley said...

Superb photos!

xo kelley

ps I had braces too, yuck

FrenchGardenHouse said...

What beautiful families. No matter what other gorgeous inspiration we put on our blogs, families smiling and having fun beats them all. Glad you had such a happy Mother's Day! xo Lidy

Chez Zizi said...

what a beautiful family!

Anne Lorys said...

What an absolutely gorgeous family!


Paint Me White said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful family enjoying themselves. Sandy

Happy Gramma said...

What a beautiful blog and waht darling children.
Come visit me @

Tricia said...

Great pics Melanie, you are all too cute!

Between You and Me said...

beautiful family.

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