Thursday, May 6, 2010

~Sussie Bell photography~

I just found this wonderful photographer.
Her photos make my heart beat a little faster. The colors in these photos are all so sweet and feminine.
I don't know what it is about pastels,
but I am drawn more and more to them these days.

I have also been sewing a lot lately and these pillows make me
want to jump in the car and head to the nearest fabric store!

I love this grouping of florals.

I spy a cute little banner in there,
I've been sewing up a bunch of those too!
I think they would be so fun strung up outside in the warmer months!

Pure perfection.....

The way she captures shots is amazing.

This photo looks like it's straight out of romantic homes magazine.

I love the detail in the simple things.

Love the use of the different hangers here
and the little hearts along with the lingerie.

More florals with a few butterflies sprinkled in!
I am craving those walls too!

Up for a little gardening?

Did looking at all those photos make you a bit sleepy?
Well, hop on into this heavenly bed and you'll never want to get up!

You can see more of Sussie Bell's photography by clicking

If you live in the area,
come and visit me on May 15th at the
This was advertised on the local news
so it's sure to be a big event!


Simply LKJ said...

What beautiful photos! Reminds me of the old Laura Ashley catalogs...I would always go to those for a "girlie fix". I especially adore the L.O.V.E. pillows!

Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous Melaine, I love the things you pretty and feminine.

Have a lovely day :)

AuroraSuzette said...

I'm not a good photographer, so am impressed by those who are. I too see the Laura Ashley likeness. Very very pretty. If it's Hancock fabrics, I'd join you! Wish I had one nearby.

Passionate for White said...

Pure perfection...I Loved EVERY one of the photographs - thanks so much for sharing!

Anne Lorys said...

Hi Melanie!
Oh, you are so right, those photos are just gorgeous! The whole color palette you've chosen for today is just dreamy.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Katie said...

lovely pics, girl! I especially love the day bed with all the pillows..ahhhhh

House Queen said...

I want that bedroom!!!!!

All things nice... said...

Oh I so wish I had such wonderful items to photograph and my own camera too :) Thanks for sharing.

All things nice...

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Don't we ll love a really good photo, and this girl puts together such lovely compositions. Especially love the tea and cakes.

Unknown said...

the photos are so lovely...makes me want to add lots of pastels too!!
I live just an hour from Snohomish which happens to be one of my favorites 'hunts'...I for SURE will see about going and maybe trying to see you too!! How exciting!

Beth said...

Wow, Melaine...Gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing! Beth

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Melanie, This images are indeed very romantic and beautiful. I need a couple of good private photography lessons! I would love all the images on my blog to look like those.
I have a question- I get so many different answers about this one.
How do you put others images on your blog and do it leagally?

I sometimes want to use others images but I am very reluctant. I want to make sure it is legal.

Very inspirational post!

Faded Plains said...

That's funny...I've been lovin' soft florals too...I have some Cabbages & Roses pillows scatterd about and thay always put a smile on my face.

Lara Harris said...

LOVE, love, LOve all the wonderful bits of pretty! :)

awal.ny said...

You are right she does a beautiful job with her photgraphy. I went to the website and looked at even more. How very nice of you to promote those around you.

Momma Rhyne said...

OH, I just love the white linens hanging outside. So country and beautiful!!

Cornflakes and Honey said...

Oh these are simply beautiful!Great choices to share :-)

Anonymous said...

great msg for me, thanks a lot dude˙﹏˙

Sussie Bell said...

Hello Melaine,
Thanks for putting my pictures on your blog and thanks for all the kind words everybody.
Just to let you all know that I don't style the pictures, I have help from very talented stylists ! Most of the shots you featured were styled by Selina Lake ( check out her fab website >< and blog ), the tea and cupcake shot by Polly Rawlings. We're all based in England and mad about vintage.
Love to you all
Sussie Bell x

claudia b said...

I don't even like pastels and I love these photos! The teacups and roses are my favorites!

rosiecampbell said...

Her photos are beautiful. So feminine.

Annastacia said...

What gorgeous pictures! I am feeling so inspired! You always post the most beautiful pictures with the sweetest feel to them, thanks for such a wonderful blog!

Timeless Style Design said...

Just found your blog -- love the romantic feel! I'm a follower

Kate Riley said...

Absolutely beautiful photos, so incredibly inspiring, thatnks for sharing !


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