Thursday, July 22, 2010

~a few more items for sale~

This is a great Juicy Couture girls size 12 velour tracksuit in chocolate brown.
{think back to school!}
It is in perfect condition, the only flaw is a very small bleach spot at the hem of one of the legs, not noticeable when it's on.
waist~22" {stretches}
inseam~27 1/2"
rise~8" $40
This is a great piece that I fell in love with
at the store but didn't have a spot for it when I came home.
{story of my life}
It measures 26 1/2" tall by 15" wide by 1" deep.
It is a reproduction, made to look old.
It has hooks on back,
{see photo below}
so you hang it on the wall and then sort your mail or paperwork in it.
Your papers wont slip through like an ordinary shutter, they have it made so that they are little "pockets" to hold everything.


Are you sick of me yet?
Should I stop?
If you are looking for something specific,
let me know, I may just have it!

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