Thursday, July 8, 2010

~gorgeous outdoor spaces~

It has been hot here this week.
Hot meaning it got up to 94 today.
To me, that's hot.
We have been living in the lake.
I think my kids are going to grow fins soon.
Anyway, this nice weather has got me thinking about outdoor spaces.
I found these and thought they were fab.
Do not click on this link unless you have a good 2 hours of free time!
Lots of eye candy here!

I hope you are having a sunny day too!


Tatum @ Tatum's Take said...

Hi there! I should have taken your advice about not clicking on the pictures unless I had 2 hours to spare...It's 11:30pm! Guess I'm going to be up a lot later than I planned. The pics are amazing.

Room to Inspire said...

It is so hot! Thanks to Nicole and their great pool the kids and I were able to finally cool down today. Love the pics, I will try to hold off until I have a bit more time to click on that link!


Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Good for you living at the lake during this hot weather. It hit 98 here today. Whew!! Love the pictures :) Have a great evening and even better tomorrow ~ Laura

A Lasting First Impression said...

I love that porch, a glass of ice tea and I would be set! Also the lantern hanging on the gate, so cool! Great pics!

afistfullofweeds* said...

Thanks for the warning....Iam going in!!!

Cassie said...

I just love all these pictures. The one with the lantern at the gate especially has my eye.

laurmela said...

thanks! Love your eye candy! After 2 glasses of wine, love to see your eye candy! Makes for a nice evening!



Moore Minutes said...

Double Love that bottom photo. It's perfection.

It's me said...

Yes is very hot we enjoy it !! beautiful outdoor

Alyssa said...

My hubby loves to build outdoor rooms with his boxwood, lillies, etc. It's his passion and I reap the rewards! ;)bb

kimberly wheat said...

You weren't kidding when you said 2 hours! I've opened and closed the link at least 10 times in between other duties today! Thanks so much for that.

kayellen said...

First time to stop by :)
Nice to meet you!

We are having cooler weather in Southern California~~summer heat really has not hit yet..but it will!!
It always does :)

Kay Ellen

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