Sunday, July 18, 2010

~inspiration everywhere~

I could sit at my computer for hours looking
at lovely photos, couldn't you?
I've had a busy weekend and these
photos seem to take the chaos down a notch.
I have a little surprise project I am working
on in the subdued colors shown in this first photo.
I am loving the combination of pink, grey, and white.
More on that later.
I also love the watery colors of these glass jars.
Mason jars filled with wildflowers, for sure one of my favorite things.

Super simple, super sweet.

My favorite colors.

Love the ruffles on this apron and I adore that blue color, so cheery!

~hello carbs~
how I love thee.

I need one of these for around the lake here.

I love this sink.
Seems like you could find something at a salvage yard pretty inexpensively.

This bench is divine and the walls are even better.

Hope you enjoyed browsing through these pictures.
They come from a favorite source found here.


{oc cottage} said...

The sweet peas were all I needed to see to brighten my day! {but that bedroom is awesome too!!;}

m ^..^

Sherri B. said...

Love the pics. So much great inspiration, thanks.

Nancy's Notes said...

Melanie, what beautiful photographs! Taking time to just take in something so simple and lovely does take us down a good notch, a needed one too! Thanks for sharing this with us on this wonderful Sunday.


The Cottage Needle said...

I love the pics, you're right, so addictive!

The Cottage Needle said...
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The Cottage Needle said...

I love the pics, you're right, so addictive!

Ashley Stinson said...

love it all! bought my first pair of blue mason jars with chippy lids a couple weeks ago at a flea market! can't wait to fill them with flowers! :)

Olive said...

I read about the sink and it was from a found source and that whole little powder room was done so sweetly on a budget. The really big old sinks and tubs can still be found. Thanks bunches for this post...olive♥

Shannan Martin said...

Love every single shot! Pretty pops of color. And the pencil "art" on that table - priceless!

Annie Louise said...

Love all the pictures!! Can't wait to see your projects. Thanks for sharing.

Simply LKJ said...

Great pictures! Love the "scribble". Can't wait to see what you've been up to.

Teri L said...

I'm the same way about lovely photos. They just bring my blood pressure down and get my imagination to flowing at the same time.

Alison Gibbs said...

Looking at photos is the perfect way to pass some time
Love the last photo of the bathroom

Kathy said...

You had me at Dutch Door!

Beverly said...

Ah, all of these lovelies made me sigh a smile. Thank you for sharing yours.

Anonymous said...

As I looked at this post, I thought, "wow, she totally has the same taste I do," and then I saw your source. I'm laughing so hard! :D

I didn't find your blog through tumblr, but by Googling a designer's name that you have here . . . what are the chances?

Thank you, Melanie! Suzanne (suziebeezie)

Anonymous said...

ps I meant to say, I love your blog! :)

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