Friday, July 30, 2010

~a sale you won't want to miss~

My friend Dawn of Great Findz is the queen of flea markets.
Seriously, she always has the best of the best and her displays are always so intriguing.
Dawn likes to mix Frenchy items with industrial items for a one of a kind look.
I adore everything she does.
Here is why I am so excited!
She emailed me this morning about a sale coming up.
If you live nearby, you must go!
She has also just started a blog you can find here.
We will be doing the Haley's Cottage Flea Market sale
together on September 11Th in downtown Kirkland,
so mark your calendars for that one too! And guess where I am off to tomorrow?
I am so excited I can hardly stand it!
Getting up at the crack of dawn and driving down
for what is going to be a fabulous day filled with
friends and I'm certain lots of laughter!
I will be sure to take my camera and take lots of photos!


A Lasting First Impression said...

I will put those dates on my calendar!!! I was planning on going to the barn sis couldn't go, and it isn't as fun by yourself! I am bummed! Take LOTS of pictures, I will live through your fun day!

Tammy said...

Have a great time tomorrow...will look forward to seeing lots of pics! Wish I could make it to both of these shows...they look to be amazing! BYW I really liked your pillows on the last post!
Tammy :-)

paisley penguin said...

Very cool! I will have to mark those on my calendar as well. Good luck driving to Battle Ground - quite a drive ahead of you!

Ms. Bake-it said...

Have a safe trip and great time tomorrow Melaine. I look forward to seeing lots of pics!

~ Tracy

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh....I wish I lived closer! Have a great time and take lots of pics! We'll be waiting....! lol!

xoxo [email protected]

Anonymous said...

Hi Melaine,
The date for the flea market is September 11th. See you tomorrow.


ColoradoBlondi said...

DANG! And I use to live in Bellevue too......sounds like my kind of shopping fun! Please bring us lots and lots of pretty pictures, Melaine!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I've stopped by many times, Melanie, and I've never told you that you are adorable! I love your photo on your blog. That said, I am always inspired here!

Hugs, KJ

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