Friday, July 9, 2010

~summers at the lake~

I love where we live.
I've said it 100 times, and I'll say it again.
The kids got up early on the 4Th and went fishing.
My husband sent me a text saying....
"lattes on the beach"
He wasn't kidding.
My neighbor had run an extension cord from his house
to the end of the dock and was serving people
lattes that pulled up in their boats!
Another neighbor even made fresh banana
muffins and was rowing them over to accompany the lattes.
Now that's what I call a great community!

We have had such lovely weather lately.
The kids have kept themselves busy swimming, fishing,
and jumping off the neighbors diving board into the lake.
{no, I do not let the kids bring home their catch
of the day just in case you were wondering} I feel so incredibly lucky to live in such a great place.
I feel even luckier that my kids get to grow up doing all the things they get to do here.
The kids swim all day and I dangle my feet off the end
of the dock into the water
reading my magazines.
We have miles and miles of hiking and biking trails
behind our home so we don't
have to go far for a little exercise.
We have parties at the lodge and have outdoor movie nights every Friday night in August.
But, it's not just the summers that I love out here.
In the winter if we are lucky the lake will freeze over and we can all go ice skating and play ice hockey.
It truly is a wonderful place to live.
p.s. my next door neighbors house is for sale~email me if you are interested!
It's gone down from 1.3 mil to $600,000!


Anonymous said...

Haha...this is awesome. I love the latte machine by the lake. That is a priceless photo. I used to have a great group of friends just like yours, that lived by the lake...I miss them. Thanks for sharing this photos!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I HAVE to make one more comment. Your playlist song "Three Little Birds" is adorable. The little kid singing with the adults is just melting my heart!

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh my, My Sweet Savannah, where you live sounds like your name, pure bliss! What a wonderful life you are providing for your family, I just marvel at all you can do, enjoy it and be blessed!


Ali @ Honey and Maple Syrup said...

It sounds like a great place!

Ashley Stinson said...

I am Jealous with a capital J. This sounds like absolute heaven.

Carol Bennett said...

Wow, sounds like a great place to live and raise a family. How blessed you are!
Carol in GA

Cheryl said...

Sounds absolutely lovely. How cute of your husband to serve lattes on the lake. I love that you are constantly counting your blessings. :)
p.s. I really enjoy your blog.

Katie said...

Ummm...would love to be your neighbor, friend! I just need to convince my hubby...... ;)

Amanda said...

if i had one wish... :)

Unknown said...

OK, have to you ever see Mountain Lions and/or bears since you are in a wooded area?

Love your blog!!!

Will you please tell us more about your workout and diet, since I can't afford a trianer?

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Heaven. Absolute heaven. Sounds like my old campground neighborhood. Boy do I miss that atmosphere.

Maybe your post was a sign. I should just MOVE, not camp! LOL

I love that you can give your kids what you are. They'll carry that with them until the end of time.


Love Being A Nonny said...

What's not to looks like Paradise! I could NOT handle the cold winters though. It even gets too cold in NC for me:)

Unknown said...

sounds lovely....i want to be your neighbor :)

Charlotte said...

Ah such sweet, sweet inspiration! And now thanks to you I'm in need of some serious muffins this morning. Road trip!

Valerie said...

Loved reading your post today! I feel more relaxed just reading about your piece of heaven on earth.


Unknown said...

parabens pelo blog...maravilha!!!
amei tudo o café ao ar livre e tudo mais!!!

JolieAnne said...

Looks like a great place to enjoy family and friends! Your kids must love this life!
We live near the beach so my boys take a kayak and go from intercoastal to the beach.
I grew up on a lake in Florida and it was the best.
In regard to your neighbor's home for sale-what state are you located in?

Stacey said...

I really enjoyed this post! I love that your hubby texted you for latte's and that your neighbour boated over with muffins. Oh the thought of growing up dangling your feet in the lake sounds like your living a dream. Where is this? ps I went to that site you posted also...gingerella and you're right you do need beautiful, thanks for sharing! ~Stacey

Alyssa said...

We're thinking of moving down the street to the lake that is about 2 miles away from where we are now. Something about being near the water is just blissful! Thanks for sharing your little piece of heaven;) What fun!!! ;bb

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

There's nothing like living on the lake! We live on a lake too. We have never been served lattes on the lake though, but we do now have an ice cream boat on the lake.

Sounds like you have a great community!

Kathy said...

He had me at Latte!

I agree the NW is so perfect and your lucky you know that. We left for 10 years and there were so many things I missed...rodies, Mt Rainier....I now even love the rain...almost!

Kiri said...

Wow, this looks like the perfect place to live! You are very blessed!


{oc cottage} said...

How lucky you are! Looks like a gorgeous place!

m ^..^

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Melanie-

You are one lucky family. Living on a lake or any body of water for that matter, plus the natural setting which surrounds you would be pure bliss to me, too. If a job goes with your neighbor's house, I would jump at the chance to live in the place you call home.

Anonymous said...


Lindsay said...

Where do you live? it is beautiful! :)

Tracy and Ashlyn said...

I love it...looks like so much fun. I live in Gig Harbor, WA, we are so enjoying the weather too.

Your blog is great!


Rosebud and Bluebells said...

I am certainly interested in your neighbour's place, only problem is we live a million miles away and I think visas may present a problem or 2. It certainly put a smile on my face reading this post. Enjoy your beautiful neighbourhood and community.

Unknown said...

amazing!!! THis just has to be possible everywhere!!!!! I WANT IT!!;)
One could become 150 years old overthere........but have to save a little bit more to be able to buy the house nextdoor;))

Rozmeen said...

Sounds like a lovely place where you can have a great time!


Ginger Rogers said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Your blog!!! Girl you are AMAZING!!!! I would LOVE to be your neighbor! Is there some way I could see photos of the home for sale? We're in the market to move and your place is a piece of heaven on earth! Be...Eautiful!
My e mail is [email protected]
Thank you!!!! :)

Lindsayb-mo said...

Just stopping by for a visit! I love the blog! Definately adding you to my favorites!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

I love the pictures of the lake you live on. I grew up on a lake and I really miss the water. That is the one thing we would move for - living on the water. You are making memories for your kids that will last forever. My childhood was fantastic and living on the lake was a big part of that.

Kelly said...

Wow, I thought places like that were only in the movies! What date/city do you live in? Also, how long of a commute do people have for work where you live?

thepaperroSe said...

what a life.......sounds PERFECT!

MJ said...

Wow...I just found your blog today and Im happy I did. My husband and I are thinking of moving out of NJ to the Carolinas. He's in law enforcements so whichever of the 2 has better opportunities. We vacation in SC but NC is looking to have alot of openings. Just listening to you talk about the lakes and your children makes me think we are making the right choice for our family. We have 5 children ages (4mos to 15). I dont know where you live but it sounds lovely.

Rita's Recipes said...

House on a lake! That's what we are looking for. What's your email? I'd love more info.
Rita May

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