Sunday, August 29, 2010

~home made dog treat recipe~

Did you know that store bought dog treats
are full of preservatives and artificial additives?
So, the kids and I decided to make a really simple dog treat recipe here at home.
Here is the recipe if you'd like to try it:

Once you have it all rolled out and your kitchen is covered in flour,

cut out cute shapes.

Any shapes will do but we decided to use a dog bone shaped cookie cutter.
Once they have baked you need to let them
cool completely before feeding them to your dog.
I guess that's a given but the short people
in our house didn't quite understand this concept.

At any rate, the doggie loved them and I think
they look pretty cute in this jar with the chalkboard label.
Bone appetit!


Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

~*~You are so creative! I will have to try those for our english bulldog! Im sure he will LOVE them! Thanks~*~Rachel :)

Paula said...

SO cute - but in that jar they look good enough for even me to eat! xx

Cindi Myers said...

Wow, I think that even I can do this one!
My dogs adore their treats and if I can make them some healthy ones, that's even better!
Thanks! - Cindi

the growers daughter said...

These look great. I knew of a recipe for homemade dog treats too but there were way too many ingredients! This is so nice and simple and my dog loves peanut butter.

Kristen said...

Thanks for the recipe. I have everything in my pantry to make these tonight. My Scout will love them!

Samantha2818 said...

On behalf of Woody I thank you for this recipe - he loves his treats so I'm sure he'll love these.
His are kept in a big glass jar with his name on a label too!
Thanks for sharing,

Janie said...

Had a different recipe and it didn't roll that well, will try these.
Just made some with carrots and mashed banana and my girl loves them.

Nancy's Notes said...

Well, I am impressed! What a lucky dog, homemade treats, you sure can't beat that!

Take care~

Tammy said...

These sound great!! My sister has two doggies that she rescued so I'm making some for them this week!Thanks for sharing !!
Tammy :-)

Kelley said...

One question do you find the time???

My dog Millie read this post and is now completely PO'ed about the fact that she only has store bought cookies...go figure

xx kelley

Allison said...

My puppy, Lars, will be in heaven! He loves peanut butter. We've been getting the peant butter bones at Trader Joes but your recipe sounds a whole lot healthier. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

Kathy said...

Spanky is drooling....

ashlina {the decorista} said...

fun! i must make these. my pups will be so happy :) xxo

All That Jazz said...

Yummy! What a great idea, I think I will do this for X-mas for all the pups in my life! ;-)

Sherri said...

Melanie, thanks for posting the dog treat recipe! I have been looking for one for our Teddy (he's a Golden Retriever who loves treats) and this recipe will definitely work! Thanks for sharing! I love your blog!!

re:Inspire said...

I love making homemade dog treats! They are so easy! My pooch goes crazy over the smell of them baking! These make wonderful Christmas gifts for the pooches in the family! I place them in glass canning jars and decorate the jars!

Daydream Living said...

Hi Melaine,
Thanks for posting this, I think my daughter would love to do this for our dog. Night!

La Maison Fou said...

I think my pup just realized this is a for him recipe!
He perked up and gave me the look. Feed me mom!

Privet and Holly said...

Hi Melanie!
Kids are back at
school and I'm
catching up on
to pop over and
visit your lovely
blog!!! I remember
seeing a Q&A on
another blog with
you and so glad I
found you, again : )
We are big animal
lovers in this house
and it would be sooo
great to bake our
Gracie these treats.
Love the treat jar
inspiration, too!
xx Suzanne

JolieAnne said...

Nice Surprise! Thanks for the recipe! I got a recipe a few years ago from a December Country Living magazine that uses cheese, I use lowfat cheese. The recipe is so good- I serve to my friends.
You can take a basic recipe and change whatever you would like to add to it, just make sure a dog can eat whatever you add in. I know onions, raisins, sugar, and grapes are not good for dogs to eat.

Susan said...

Cute idea! Where did you get your jar and chalkboard labels?

Anonymous said...

just made a batch of these for our dog Avalanche and he is currently devouring one of them! Just curious if the wheat is bad for them, or unhealthy in any way? I have noticed that some websites say their treats are organic and healthy for dogs because they are wheat free.

bellamanda said...

are these safe for dogs, like, for sure? i haven't got a dog, but want to make this for a few other peoples' dogs and don't want to accidentally kill them or anything. probably sounds dumb to everybody but better safe than sorry!

danniesunshine said...

there is an AWESOME kit called "you bake 'em dog biscuits" that my husband and i recently received as a gift. it's FULL of recipes like this one and even comes with several cookie cutters. the finished treats would look great in these decorated jars. ;)

Unknown said...

These are cute! I'm mentioning them in my post about homemade Christmas gifts! Thanks for the post!

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Foodie said...

Thanks for the recipe! Just made them and my dog seems to like them! Very easy and they turned out so cute as I used a daschund-shaped cookie cutter!

Foodie said...

Thanks for the recipe! Just made them and my dog seems to like them! Very easy and they turned out so cute as I used a daschund-shaped cookie cutter!

Paty said...

Thank you for the recipe, it is simple and my picky doggie likes them a lot.

Unknown said...

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