Friday, August 13, 2010

~jumping for joy~

I am so excited, I could just die!
Look what I won on this giveaway. Thank you Janette, these are scrumptious!
I cannot wait to put these on my couch!!!
Don't forget you still have till Monday to enter my stella & dot giveaway.


Allison said...

Congratulations, Melanie! Those are wonderful pillows.

Moonshine & Wool said...

Hello Melaine,
I just read your newest posting about the cusions...and I wanted to tell you what the words mean on it, if you like: :)
"Eysölden" is a small village near Nürnberg/South Germany, Bavaria (I`m born in Nürnberg...) and "Gott segne Ackerbau" means "God save agriculture/farming" and the other one ist just a german name, maybe a firm or something like that.

Have a nice weekend and many greetings from Germany, Beate

[email protected] said...

Oh, those are wonderful. And I love that Beate was able to give you more info on what they said. AWESOME

Nancy's Notes said...

Congratulations on winning such a grand prize! Those are just beautiful!


All That Jazz said...

Hello Melanie! I'm Tara from "All That Jazz Vintage". My cousin Michelle recently told me about your blog, she said I HAD to read it!
I love white dishes too, there is just something so classic about them and they can fit in ANY decor.
I very much enjoyed watching the transformation of your daughter's room. I can remember coming home from a Summer visit with my Grandparents once to discover that my Mom had completely redecorated my sister's and my room. I was SO excited! Your daughter's room is just beautiful and I am sure she will love it for many years to come and she will always remember how she felt when she opened the door!

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