Saturday, August 14, 2010

~mixing & matching white dishes~

Good morning friends!
I woke up this morning with white dishes on my mind.
Why you ask?
I have no idea.
However, I'd like to take a minute to talk about dressing
a table with mix & match white dishes.
White dishes are so beautiful on their own.
However, if you mix a wide variety of old and new,
different sizes, textures, shapes, your table will take on a whole new look.
{photo: unknown}Every time I am at a thrift store or garage sale,
the first thing I do is look for white dishes.
They don't all have to be ironstone or worth a lot of money.
Layering white on white just looks gorgeous
and it shouldn't cost a lot of money!
{photo:country living}

Thrift stores are also great places to pick up white
serving pieces and also stemware like in this photo.
A lot of times peoples dishes will break and therefore
you will find one piece here and there.
Lucky for us~that is what we are looking for.
{photo:country living}

So next time you are out thrifting, don't pass by that lonely white plate, or pitcher.
In a short time you will have a whole collection to set a beautiful table with!

{photo:southern living}

I am off to go spend 2 days on our boat with the family.
It's going to be HOT!
Have a great weekend!


NanaDiana said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend-I love white dishes too! Diana

Allison said...

I recently started a collection of white dishes. A whole white tablescape looks so clean and elegant. Love your photos. Have a great weekend!

Laura said...

Having 2 children under 4 and a very clumsy husband, is my reason for white dishes... I definitely need something that is easily replaceable! It also the perfect frame for your food! The only regret I have, is that when working at a very high end store on 5th Ave, I had a chance to purchase some beautiful dinnerware at 90% off... I passed it up, as we had a baby on the way and my clumsy husband, so I figured it was a waste of time and money... I still dream about those dishes and kick myself!! Have a good weekend I'm having a cup of tea, in between painting. Lx

My Plate is Full said...

Thanks for sharing. I love white dishes. I have a variety of white serving plates with which I can serve a buffet with all the same color serving plates.

{oc cottage} said...

Oh, I try to avoid the "matchy-mathcy" trap at all times! I love a table setting that tells a story! Have a wonderful weekend!

m ^..^

[email protected] said...

Beautiful images. Thats exactly why I wanted our dishes white, you can always mixed them and they will look amazing

maryboys said...

beautiful photos:) all white is the way to go in most everything - from bed linens to dishes...i agree.


afistfullofweeds* said...

I have collected quite a few myself!! They add up very fast!! I love them!

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Love white dishes! Your post makes me want to find some more!!! :)

Marie Söderberg said...

what a LOVELY site!!! Im SO glad I find you:O). so much inspiration I will be back for sure, Have a great day
// hugs from Sweden/Marie

jninecostumes said...

Love the white, especially the mismatched flatware

Anonymous said...

I have a set of white dishes but I need to find some different ones so I can mix and match them as you suggest. Thanks for the lovely post!

Best wishes,

Holly @ Roller Coaster Life said...

this is great!!

[email protected] Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh I love to mix all my dishes. I think the table looks so much more interesting. Great post. Beautiful pics. Have fun on the boat. Hugs, Marty

AntiqueChase said...

I love mix and match white dishes and collect them too... I think food even looks better on simple white dishes!!

Beth E-R said...

As we are going through a downsizing of epic proportions to fit into our next house, which is one-third the size of our present one, all the white dishes are still making the cut. They are timeless and play well with others.

Tammy said...

Love this post. I also have a growing collecction of white dishes and stemware all from the thrift stores and my fav..HomeGoods.
I love setting the table with them and using different colors of fresh flowers to set the theme.
have a fun time on the boat!!
Tammy :-)

annmarie sheffield said...

Please check out my blog and spread the word. Love your Blog.


I just discovered you post early this Sunday morning with my first cup of coffee. It is truly beautiful I have been collecting white plates [actually all things white!] for years. I also have 12 place settings of totally mismatched sterling that I bought years ago. I love to set the table using it all with old linen napkins. I will be following you now for more inspiration.

Flourishing Networks said...

very stylish - showing a beautiful combination.

teaorwine said...

Delightful and delectable cuisine is enhanced on white dishes, IMO. Nothing for the food to compete with. Love the mix and match flatware as well. Makes the meal special!

HRH Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, you've been in my head!!! I was just at a thrift store yesterday, holding this great little white tureen (with lid, ladle, and PLATE)and I didn't buy it... Now I'm regretting it!


Beautiful photos!! I loooove white dishes too;)


佳皓佳皓佳皓 said...


Nicole-Lynn said...

Love the look of this tablescape :) New follower! :)

Allison said...

Great, inspirational photos! I think my favorite is the formal dining room with the ornate chalkboard with the football schedule. I LOVE that ornate frame! I've got just he spot for that. Have a good week!

Cassie said...

I featured your gorgeous use of the wooden plank on my blog! Thanks for the inspiration!


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