Tuesday, September 28, 2010

~dear anthro....~

I would like the following.

thank you.



Paula said...

LOVE that pleated shade! x

Anonymous said...

So, so cute! All of it! I have the cookbook, and it's worth it for the pictures alone. As a bonus, the recipes are also good (-;


Allison said...

Oh, one of my favorite stores! I love the lamp shades - especially the pleated one. Melaine, you are so talented that I bet you could recreate those! The cookbook looks yummy! I will have to check that out.

Katy said...

funny that you show the lamp shade, i'm redoing one today that needs some love....thanks for the inspiration b/c I think I'll add some similar touches to what I'll be doing. very fun door knob too.

Anonymous said...

Love it all, so chic! ~Ashley

NanaDiana said...

Would you please order TWO of that next to last picture (the lampshade)...yeah...I'm wanting one of those! Diana

Anonymous said...

let's go shopping! i'll take one each of whatever you're having.

Dear Lillie said...

That pleated shade if FABULOUS!

jeana said...

I've heard that cookbook is wonderful, and that dress is on my wishlist. LOVELY!

Unknown said...

So if they send you all that stuff as a result of your 'letter', will you let me know so I can do the same? Wouldn't it be nice if they granted bloggers wishes????

Hope you are well my dear!

Style Recycled said...

I love the adult t-shirt. I would so wear it !

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