Monday, September 13, 2010

~a guest post with designer Janette Mallory~

Do you recognize this handsome man?
If you guessed John Ondrasik with the group Five for Fighting you are right!
My friend Janette Mallory has just finished a interior design project on his family's home, and you get to see the photos here for the first time!
But before we get to that, I want to share a little bit about Janette with all of you.
{Isn't she gorgeous?} Since establishing her firm in 1996, Mallory has designed numerous projects ranging from high-end residential and celebrity clientele, to modest vacation homes with the mix of elegance, class, and comfort that has become her signature style. With the completion of The Sunset Restaurant in Malibu, Mallory expanded that signature style to the commercial realm and added to her diverse set of decorating skills. Mallory’s impeccable feel for texture, color, contrast and sense of place, is brought to each design project to achieve a unified and inviting space for her clients. Drawing inspiration from client’s personal collections, treasured artifacts, and lifestyle and integrating them into a design, Mallory helps individuals and families shape and develop a space that is beautiful and intimately personal.Janette Mallory Interior Design, Inc. brings a lifetime of valued relationships with architects, landscapers, fabricators and contractors to suit the needs of any project and execute a design with attention to professionalism, reliability and quality. Mallory’s eye for antiques, original artwork, and one of kind pieces gives each project a unique identity and sense of place. With a former professional background in real estate development, Mallory has a distinctive gift for creating spaces and landscapes that are exquisite, functional, within budget and most of all bring delight and satiation to its inhabitants.
Below are photos of some of her previous design work.

Janette was so sweet in letting me do a post about her and her fabulous design work. Here is a little about what she has to say regarding her design work:

"I follow fashion like I do interior design and I think that fashion plays a big part in Interior Design. I have actually had a couple clients tell me that they hired me not only for my talent but they like the way I dress. I've always felt that sometimes I am ahead of the curve especially with my retail space that I rent at the Agoura Antique Mart. The customers that live it that area are not as exposed to certain aspects of design that I offer so it's a bit of a struggle sometimes. I make it work me because I like to be a little different than everyone else."

I asked her if she has a most memorable project......
"It's hard to choose my most memorable project because I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients on some beautiful homes. I just finished a project in Carpinteria, it's a little coastal community just south of Montecito (if your not familiar). The house is on the beach and was a complete tear down (part of it is on my Blog a while back). There are 3 owners (all lawyers) and they have been the greatest clients ever. They gave me full rein to gut the entire house and do a major remodel. If you read the Blog you will get the whole story. I've done a lot of remodels but this was by far my favorite in my opinion my best work. It's amazing what you can accomplish when your clients have complete trust in you. I hired the architect and contractors and I was the project manager and furnished the entire house down to stocking the refrigerator the first night they stayed there. The project had everything going for it, great location, great clients and a reasonable budget."

The following photos are by dusty lu
and are from the home of John Ondrasik and his lovely family.
Thank you for allowing us to show photos of your lovely home John, and thanks to Janette for making it all possible!
This is the sitting area in the master bedroom.

Janette says, "There's nothing like when I finish a entire project or just a room and my client's are over the moon happy, I've actually had a few cry. That is very regarding to me. I like to make people happy."
Isn't this master gorgeous?

Janette mainly works on high end residential projects but a couple years ago she remodeled a restaurant in Malibu called The Sunset (it's on her website)

I definitely have some go to paint colors.

So, I asked Janette if she has any.

Guess what?

She does, and it's one I use all the time as well!

It is BM Decorator's White.

"As a designer I have always been frustrated at the price of vintage rugs so a couple years ago I got lucky and found a great source for wholesale rugs. I have never seen any rugs like they have on the west coast and they didn't have anyone to represent them on the west coast so its worked out well. I wish I had more time to promote it because I think it could be a good side business."

Check out the gorgeous rug collection here.

I just love Janette's style and she is so down to earth and super friendly!

Janette, I am honored that you let me do this post on you,

I know you are so busy!

If you live in the Los Angelas area and are looking for a wonderful interior designer, don't look further than Janette Mallory designs!

Janette also has a great blog with more photos of this celebrity home.

You can check it out here!

Snoopy little me wants to see photos of her own house.

Well, she is planning
on remodeling her kitchen before the holidays so if she does, she will take some photos and blog about it.

Thanks again Janette!



Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Snoopy little me would like to see any part of Mallory's house! I would even settle for a peek at her wardrobe!

What great taste she has. Wow!

I must go and stare some more at those photos!

high street cottage said...

Hi Sweetie, love your blog! The painting in the room with the white violin is amazing! Do you happen to know the artist?

Little Leslie said...

That was a great article on Janette. I have a booth next to hers at Agoura, and love her style. She's such a nice person too... and yes, she always looks great.So do her assistants.

christyjames said...

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ajay said...

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