Saturday, September 25, 2010

~I'm back, a winner, and a favor~

Well hello friends!
I'm back.
Computers and I do not get along sometimes, and this was one of those weeks.
Thanks for being so patient.
I go through withdrawals if I don't post everyday.
{I am now on a new medication for that, just kidding}
I get ancy and start doing things like coloring my own hair.....
then having to take a day off from what
I had planned, to go to the salon and get my hair fixed....
apparently purple/grey hair is not in style right now, who knew.
So, a couple of things.
First, I thought I'd share a few of my new favorite photos via Suzie Beezie.
These photos make me want to crawl into my computer and jump right in.
{Oops, that must be the new medication talking, sorry.}
Those pillows are fabulous though, right?
I want to announce the winner from the fine art photography giveaway.
If you write the blog
you win!!!
Send me a quick email and I will forward it along to the nice folks over at riveting art!
If you are a etsy seller who would like to do a giveaway on my blog, please feel free to email me!

I also want to take a minute to re~introduce you to my friend

Margo owns a cupcake company called Pinkabella Cupcakes.
You can read about them here.
Anyway, she is competing for the 2010 Best of Western Washington
desserts and is currently in first place!

She has 2 local stores, one in Redmond at Redmond Towne Center and one on the 3rd floor of Bellevue Square. If you are local, you have got to try one of her cupcakes, they are seriously to die for!
Cupcakes businesses are popping up right and left it seems like. You can believe me when I say I have tried many different cupcakes in my life and Margo's Pinkabells cupcakes by far are the best! Not only does she have the best flavors, but they also do a ton of donations and donate a large portion of their profits to children of the nations.
If you wouldn't mind taking a moment out of your busy day to vote for Pinkabella Cupcakes here, she would be so grateful.
Thank you so much and I will be back tomorrow!
See you then, xoxo



I Love your blog! Your pictures are beautiful and you have such a sweet way of interpreting the english language that it makes me feel all giddy inside :) Glad your back....

Blondie's Journal said...

Yikes! I've had blue hair before!! It's best left up to the professionals, but I do know how to make a dramatic change for Halloween!

The cubcakes sound lovely and congrats to the winner of your giveaway!


Molly ([email protected]) said...

You crack me up! The hair coloring comment...LOL. I can relate. I tell myself that saves me 120.00 for the next flea market. Then I show up to the flea market with orange hair. Fun Times...LOVE you blog.

Love the Decor! said...

Heading to that area next week I will have to check out her cupcakes : )

Little Leslie said...

I don't dye my hair, I cut it. Then I have to call my hair cutter, all frantic, and make an appointment. He's used to me. "Ok, come in" with a resigned voice.

Melanie Beth said...

Any pictures of the bad dye job? As a stylist... you have NO idea how common this is! At the salon we used to joke that box color was designed by a hairstylist in order to get more customers!

On another note... I've been to Pinkabella cupcakes, so cute! And so yummy! My sister, too, is obsessed!

Shannan Martin said...

I share your disease...

Happy to have you back and LOVE that first photo with the green table!

Simple Daisy said...

I know all too well what it's like to color your own hair! I wish I was one of those people that actually have it turn out nice! I never does:):)

Gypsy Heart said...

Photos are beautiful! I hope that you're pleased with your hair now. I'd love to sample the cupcakes ~ hmmmm, delish I'm sure! Your blog looks gorgeous and I've missed stopping by. I was away for awhile and yes, being online is addictive I think. :-)

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


bullie_mama said...

LOVE those cupcakes! My favorite are the chocolate ones with peanut butter frosting and a peanut butter cup on top! YUM!
We missed you! ;-)

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Turned my hair purple once! LOL!

I love the photos and I'll check out the cupcake girl!


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Just figures I just bought a box of haircoloring trying to save me some money...not incouraging what I just read from your comments! Oh boy...well...congrats to the winner and I do love those pillows!~Hugs, Patti

Heaven's Walk said...

Sounds like you've had an exciting week, Melaine! lol! Congrats to the winner! :)

xoxo [email protected]

NanaDiana said...

Glad your computer is up and running again. I hate when that happens.

Laughing about the hair. I have light blond hair and once decided I wanted to go darker. I used an Ash Light Brown and my hair actually had an ashy-purplish color to it. I went to pick my 7 year old son up at school and he started crying..cuz he thought I had turned grey during the day. was ugly!

Congrats to the winner- Hugs- Diana

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