Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm having Technical difficulties I'll be back soon! Internet down



savvycityfarmer said...

hate it when that happens ... it's usually when you have the BEST idea for a great blog post

Anonymous said...

I have just found this blog and would like to tell you about my time at Crystal Lake. My parents lived just down from the caretakers cottage near the clubhouse. It had a lovely guest house in the middle of a garden. I lived across the lake in a log house which, after we sold, also burned, like the club house.
The old club house was the scene of a lovely baby shower for me. The baby turned 63 this August and I turned 88 on the 22nd of this month. It was a dream place to live the short time we were there. My parents were Marguerite & Jim Cumming and I am Margaret Sibold

Margaret said...

I am not anonymous, I am Margaret Sibold

Margaret said...

How do I leave you my e-mail address? I've tried so here it is,
[email protected]
Hoping for a response. ms

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