Thursday, September 2, 2010


Good morning friends!
I have had a lot of questions about my Ikea sofa,
so I thought I'd take the time to answer those now!

Q~How is your Ikea sectional holding up?
A~ It's holding up perfectly. I have had it now for almost a year and have not had anything break or go terribly wrong.
Q~ what color is your sectional?
A~ Ikea calls it Svanby Beige. It's a linen/cotton blend, unlike the white slipcover. Personally I think it has a little "higher end" look because it is a linen blend. To me it looks a little more Pottery Barnish.
Q~ I have 2 boys, is it easy to clean?
A~Yes! Way more so than any other fabric or leather furniture I have owned. The covers slip right off and can be thrown in the wash. I have always hung mine to dry because I am afraid of shrinkage. The larger slipcover section, the one that covers the back, arms, etc. I have never taken off to wash yet. I have found that resolve carpet cleaner works wonders on any spots. When I do wash it I will have to take it to a laundry mat, as it's so large it won't fit in my washing machine. I have had BBQ's where ketchup has been spilled on it and I didn't get to it for a couple hours. It came right out. Our dog lays on it and my messy kids ea fishy crackers and hot dogs on it.
Q~ Is it comfortable?
A~ well, define comfort? Yes, I think it is. No, my husband doesn't think so. We went from having high end really super plus sofa to this, so I think he is just comparing. But I will say, it is rather "hard" Not so much that you want to chop it up and burn it in the fireplace, just not the kind of couch you would want to spend hours on at a time.
Q~I'm debating between the Pottery Barn sofa and the Ikea one. Any suggestions?
A~ Well, I never even really considered getting the Pottery Barn sofa because it was way out of my price range. I did however look at one at JC Penney's that was similar to it and it was about half the price. Not as inexpensive as the Ikea one though.
Q~Do you regret buying it?
A~Nope, not at all! I love it! I especially love the color/texture like I mentioned before. It looks great and the neutral color allows for me to be able to switch out pillows seasonally.
I hope I answered all your questions.
If I left one out, feel free to leave me a comment
and I will reply to you in the same comment section!
{photos by my dear friend Kim
who just posted the most fabulous
kitchen on her website,
go check it out!}


paisley penguin said...

I had an IKEA couch similar to this one and I found it too hard. For some reason yours looks cozier than mine did. Weird!

savvycityfarmer said...

"the million dollar look for a buck" ...the title of my new book ... seriously


Angie said...

I bought the same sofa and second everything you said. My husband wants me to go and buy a darker slipcover for the future just incase IKEA stops selling them. This sofa works great in our upstairs bonus room. It is a tight squeeze and not much else would fit. Overall I love it!

Paula said...

I have the same sofa in England! I have the white slip covers which I toss into the washing machine every so often. Perfect. It's in our informal family room, where the children can jump and play - although like you, I have thrown a few cosy blankets over it which helps out with the handprints!

[patty the snug bug] said...

Thanks for the Q & A!! I have the same sofa (well, the sofa and loveseat, not the L-shaped one) and we got the white slipcovers because the beige ones are listed as dry-clean only and we have a BASSET HOUND who is a slobbery monster!! (But also has white hair, I figured slobber was the lesser of two evils and wanted light so I couldn't see the hair!!) The white covers have been great - we have two sets and I change them about once a month with a 'flip' in between (flip the cushions so the clean side shows!) It's definitely more upkeep than some people would like to do, but they do clean up well.

We also have a side chair with a slipcover that's more beige like yours and it shows a lot less dirt than the bright white slips - I've really wanted the beige ones, but couldn't accept having to dry clean them! It's great to hear that you are washing in your washing machine! We'll have to save up for them - the white slips are CHEAP - like, $40 for the sofa and $30 for the loveseat - and the beige is significantly more :-(

And I think our sofas are super comfy! They were a little more firm than our old ones, so it took some getting used to - but the seat depth is pretty good so it doesn't bother me too much. My husband and the slobber hound usually manage to curl up in the loveseat in the evenings and look very comfy!

I love the pottery barn look for Ikea prices!!

Kristen White said...

Great to know in case I have a cleint that wants the look for a fraction of the price!

Julie Johnson said...

This may just have to be my replacement couch! I love it in your room. Now I need to talk hubby out of a leather one! :)

Olive said...

This is very good information as PB's prices are scary! Thanks♥olive

jules said...

love Ikea sofas! I have them in my studio, and our boys game room! So far, so good!

Unknown said...

I have the sofa you mentioned from JC Penny and I love it. I'm not sure of the quality difference, but for anyone who's looking for something of the same look that is extremely comfortable, I'd say check it out. Not as inexpensive as Ikea but not as expensive as pottery barn.

Dianne said...

Why did you give up your high end leather? Wouldn't painting the room light (as you did )have given you the same look with the leather furniture?

paige said...

mccreamy,i love it!!

we had many a talk about the PB sofas. but once i wised up and realized with 4 colleges & 4 weddings, hopefully in that order, no PB sofa much less sofas would be in our future
we bought several pieces of white ikea too and couldn't be any happier. no they are not as plush as our prior albeit dated pieces but we have been totally pleased

my doggie however is not allowed on them
the 4 children with all their friends are more than welcom however!

Unknown said...

Adorable couch. Beautiful living room, and I adore those picture frames on the wall.
I really love your style.


Our daughters have the same IKEA couch and love it. In the winter the put on the red courdory cover and the one, like you have in the summer. Very fun.


Erika Leigh said...

could you tell me which size/layout this piece is? I am looking to get this type of sofa and wondered about dimensions and if it was a sofa+sofa or sofa + loveseat etc. Thanks for the post and all the info!!!

Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

I am getting the exact sofa this weekend. I currently have a high end oversized sofa that I can't find a nice slipcover for. I hate to get rid of my current sofa (love sleeping on it, too), but it is a little dated.

Nancy's Notes said...

What great information, I am shocked at the prices and it all looks fabulous!

Thanks for sharing!


Unknown said...

I laughed at your comment that you like it but your husband doesn't. We have the sofa and I love it but my husband can't wait for something else. A hint for when you do wash the main cover (laundramats usually have large enough washers), put it back on the couch when it is still wet. it is much easier to get on as it has stretch in it then plus most of the wrinkles fall out. We have the red cordory ones for the winter.

mimi charmante said...

you know how much I love your style and your home. so so fabulous!
ps. do you know that only people with google/typepad/wordpress can leave comments on your blog? you can change it in your settings - I used to have it like that but now that I no longer use my blogger account, it is difficult for me to share my thoughts with you!!! :)

Tammy said...

Thanks so much for answering my questions!!!

Natalie {Where North Met South} said...

So funny you posted this! My dad just told me today he's thinking of buying this sofa! I'm going to send him your link now. Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

McCreamy was right! McDreamy too! I love, love, love your home and this sectional. I'm on a hunt for another sofa right now and was just thumbing through the Ikea catalog wondering how comfy they were. You helped answer a lot of my questions, but I think a trip to Ikea is in my future to jump on some furniture! Yay!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Thanks for the info. I have been looking at the Ikea sofa for my living room and was wondering about cleaning it.
Hugs, Sherry

All That Jazz said...

Cool 'lil Q&A Melaine! I just assumed the couch was some shade of white, thanks for sharing that it is a shade beige. It looks great, I love the style! IKEA is certainly my price range too.

Henna @ AboutCabinets Blog said...

the couch is very good looking,the color and the style is very good looking, i saw such design of couch a few days back but it was smaller

Sheri said...

I had two arm chairs of this style for 8 years and loved them. When we moved out of the country last year a friend of mine took them. She did replace the back cushion with foam (they are just a stuffing that got lumpy) and I did buy a new set of slips during that time, more because of permanent staining from guests (ink pen) then the wear factor.
Anyway, we loved them and would consider buying them again.

Margaret Ritchie said...

This is so fabulously helpful! I have been considering all the brands that you wrote about, but my price range is low too! We have two homes, one in the U.S. and one in Canada...we have an Ikea leather sofa and chair in Canada that we have had over 2 years and it has been great! This cinches my personal debate on what to purchase for our home in the states! Thanks!

Jenni said...

I love the room the couch is in! And the couch is beautiful! Together they make an amazing picture. :)

I want to say thank you for coming by Beautiful Nest and entering the giveaway! I am so glad to have found your blog, and look forward to reading more of it! :)


jbrinda1 said...

We found a great slipcovered sofa that falls somewhere between Pb and Ikea. We have had it for 4 years and it has held up beautifully. We ordered from They were great to work with, from fabric samples, to delivery and especially price. This is the go to nap couch in our house!! I don't work for Club Furniture!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for updating us on your IKEA couch! I have been thinking about buying one for a year, but have been afraid to commit. I love the Svanby beige color but read that it was dry-clean only! Sounds like you're washing yours though, so I may take the risk.

Melanie said...

I have 2 ikea love seats in my living room with white slip covers, that I love, love, love. I also have a PB sectional in the family room with a sort of light mustard yellow slip cover. I am able to wash all of their covers. I love them all very much, but I have to agree with Melaine, the PB sofa is much nicer to sit on for a long period, the cushions are a lot thicker.
The negatives about the PB sectional is that it is super expensive, new slip covers are $$$$$ and the back cushions have not held up as well as the Ikea ones.
So I guess if you have the money to spend and long periods of time to sit you may want the PB sofas, but for the same look and a lot less $$$$ Ikea is the way to go, if your not a couch potato!

House and land said...

I love the couch. It looks comfy, definitely! Thank you for the info.

Stephanie @ AHomeWest said...

So it's definitely OK to wash the Svanby Beige covers? I would really love this color for my Ikea sofa but the "do not wash" thing was holding me back...

Katie said...

Hello! I know this post is old but I found it while googling "svanby beige". I wanted to ask about machine washing the svanby cover since it says dry clean only. That's the only thing deterring me from buying it!

Anonymous said...

I too recently purchased this sofa and was wondering what wash cycle you use? Did the texture or quality change after washing?

Anonymous said...

Me too! Please a little more info about washing the Svanby Beige cover in the washing machine? What cycle/detergent/fabric softener? Have you noticed any shrinking? Does it come very clean? Are you still doing it? How has it held up?

Many, many thanks - i know this is an old post...!

- Desperate to Know

Outenlqym said...

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ruzzel01 said...

Nicely done. So elegant.

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Sectional Sofa said...

I bought this couch back in 2011 & I absolutely love it! I had a fabric couch that I wanted to replace due to the wear & tear of having a 3yr old at the time and living in Noah's Ark. The constant vacuuming of dog/cat hair, the spills from drinks/food, & a drooling mastiff reinforced me opting for a "leather" couch. My home decor is contemporary & I wanted something that would look amazing against my dark & light painted grey walls. I was hesitant, like I'm sure most of you are, at buying a couch online without looking at it & testing it for comfort. Let me tell you, don't worry! I am so happy I took the plunge & just bought it. It is definitely a white couch & not off white. The back pillows are plush & the seat cushions are firm, but not too firm, and comfortable. The arm rests are very firm & do not sit too low so resting your arm on them isn't awkward. The back cushions come up to just a few inches below my shoulders so the back height is perfect for me & other friends I've had over that are taller (I'm 5'7). The seat cushions are deep enough & the overall height of the couch is perfect so you don't feel like your falling or boosting yourself up when sitting down. I did replace the decorative pillows that came with it, altho they are nice as well. All my daughter & I's spills, animal hair, & mastiff drool wipes off easy. Even mishaps I haven't caught right away & have sat on the "leather" for some time wipe off well. Only one spill left a very faint mark (kid make-up). I have hardwood floors so the couch does slide a lot & would need something placed under the legs to prevent that &/or buy hardware to connect the 2 pieces (this is not included by the manufacturer). Mine also holds a lot of static in the winter on super cold days so I'm testing a humidifier in my house to eliminate that problem. My cats have their back claws & have made a few marks in it from jumping off when frightened so if you're a cat owner keep that in mind. Overall, awesome couch & I would definetly recommend buying from this company.

David Cortni said...

It is a cheap small sofa, but after you assemble it is beautiful, useful and comfortable. It is really easy to assembly! The only thing that I did not like is that the sofa came in tree different packages, and was delivered in different days..

Anonymous said...

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Atelier be, de BeauchĂȘne et Cie. said...

Hi there, just wondering if you are still laundering the Svanby beige covers and how they've held up? I have two ektorps, both with white covers which have been washed a thousand times and really, finally need replacing. I'd like to upgrade to the Svanby beige, but really need something I can toss in the machine.

Unknown said...

I have the same cover and I just washed mine after a lot of debating. It looks great! I washed it on the hand wash cycle in my machine and put it on the line to dry. It took about eight hours (not sunny at all. When it was a little damp I put it in the dryer on the delicate cycle for exactly five minutes. It was still very slightly damp and a little warm so shaking it took most of the wrinkles out. I put it on that way and the wrinkles stretched out nicely and the cover looks like brand new. I can't figure out why they say not to wash it.

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