Saturday, October 30, 2010

~bits of news~

~good morning friends~
first up I'd like to tell you about a fun photography
series my friend Lara is doing over on her blog starting Monday.
She is doing a doing a week-long tutorial on photography for all you creative women out there who like to take photos of your homes and kids, etc.
I can't wait!
This is way fun!
Thanks Lara!
Also, my friends over at riveting art are offering 50% off everything in their shop this weekend only!
{Check out as you normally would - except DON'T PAY (yet!). Be sure to add your Paypal address & the code word "Spooky" to the comments section during checkout. Once this is done, I'll invoice you with your total reflecting the sale. Click through the invoice and pay as usual!!} Don't forget you have until Monday to enter my sosobella giveaway too!

All these photos are of my friend Lara Blair's home.

Aren't they gorgeous?
I am a little envious, I have to admit!

So simple, clean, perfectly perfect.

Speaking of a clean house, I'd better get off the computer and tend to mine!
I hope you all have a fabulous Halloween.
We are going to an "adult only" party tonight....
do I dare share pictures on my blog tomorrow?
That makes me think of the saying,
"if you don't have fun on a Saturday night you won't have anything to talk to Jesus about on Sunday!"
{all photos in this post belong to Lara Blair}


Karena said...

Wonderful images I love your site of course!!

Come and join my giveaway from Metis Linens!

Art by Karena


Beautiful!! A lovely home!


Allison said...

What a pretty home! Have fun tonight at your party.

Shannan Martin said...

Lara is the cat's pajamas. Fo shizz.

thefinaltouch said...

They really are gorgeous! I just love her kitchen table and the chairs!

MODERN Prairie Girl said...

Thanks, sweet girl! Appreciate you sending folks over...and as for the posted pics..I'm blushing...and sad that my kitchen table is a MESS with soldering looks nothing like this today! ha!

You're the best....

Serena said...

Hi there. I thought I would introduce myself. I have been reading and admiring your blog for awhile now. I love your style and I am a fellow NW gal. I live over on Bainbridge Island. I really wanted to make it up to the Ruffles and Rust event, but it just didn't work out. I was hoping to meet you there. Anyhoo, I had the great priviledge of meeting Lara last month at Brave Girls Camp. She is one terrific gal. Glad to know that you two are friends! Ok, enough rambling for now, just wanted to say hi and that I really enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work! Maybe someday our paths will cross. I have already commited to going to the next Barn House event with Lara! Take care and stay dry!!!!

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