Thursday, October 21, 2010

~random & a winner~

I have learned something.
Flea markets are a lot of work.
My house has been turned upside down and laundry is piling up,
not to mention my kids have been making their own dinner.
Do chocolate chip cookies and fruit snacks count as a nutritious dinner?
I've barely had time to blog about anything interesting. Today is set up day.
Tomorrow night is the "bloggers ball" and
Saturday night I can sit back and relax!

Don't get me wrong.
I really do love doing these shows.
I get to meet a lot of new people and see some friendly familiar faces
that I don't see often enough.
After every show I always say I'd do it again.

~I also want to announce the winner for the annie grace bag giveaway~
It's Donna from
Casa Rue 2658.
If you didn't win, don't worry,
I have another giveaway coming tomorrow!
{all photos Chris Everard}


designchic said...

Beautiful images...have a great time at the flea market and ball!!

Jodi said...

Have a great weekend and happy selling those awesome pillows!!!


Simply LKJ said...

Have fun this weekend!!

Rukmini said...

Hey Melanie...I follow your blog very regularly and I loved your Halloween shelf. Can i mention your blog link in my blog? Also, i do own one Thought you might like to stumble upon. Have a great show :) And I like your hat in here!

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

What stunning images..that first one is to die for! All the best,Chrissy

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

~*~*LOVE the images...thanks for having so many fun giveaways too!! Hugs~ Rachel~*~*

Darcy from The I.Design Box said...

Thank goodness I'm not alone! I feel the same way. How is it that life just gets busier and busier. Every night I go to bed and think about the fact that I still need to build my facebook page for my blog. One of these days....

Love the flea markets though so the chaos is so worth it. Love your blog!

Katherine said...

Lovely images. Congratulation to your winner. Wishing you a day filled with HAPPY!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Get some rest, recharge and take care of you.I always appreciate all the work that goes into a show, not what I want to do but I love going.~Cheers Kim

the growers daughter said...

Tell me about it. Before my sale, every square inch of closet space was filled with random stuff. My garage was quite honestly stuffed to it's capacity. It is worth it in the end, but sometimes I felt like the getting there was a little more than I could handle. And I totally get it about the house... my poor husband put up with a lot... and thankfully, my mom would just randomly pop in and for a visit and while I would be off doing one thing, she'd sneak a load of laundry in, wash the dishes or scrub my bathroom quickly. It was always a sweet surprise.

Anonymous said...

Oh lovely, congrats to the winner!! xoxoxo

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

The best part is that it is over!
Enjoy your weekend and the bloggers ball!

Allison said...

Have a good weekend, Melaine! Have fun and happy selling!

Robyn said...

Fabulous and inspirational photos! ...and congrats to Donna, she's a lucky lady! GREAT give away! I hope you share pics from the market, and I know you will ROCK IT!

Deb - Pink Pig said...

Great images and LA LA LA I am lovin that music!

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