Friday, October 22, 2010

~wild thing, you make my heart sing~

Something about these wild trees in these interiors makes me smile.
Today started out with my kids forgetting their lunches at home.
After driving them to school I came home, opened up the fridge, and there they were.
So, back to school I went.
This little escapade set me back about an hour.
Then when I got home I started cleaning.
I never thought I would actually look forward to
the day when I had every room in the house to clean.
It feels like such a relief seeing my house clean.
As you know, I have been getting ready for this flea market
and my housecleaning has taken the back seat.
So, I have scrubbed, washed, vacuumed, and fluffed,
and I am ready to leave my home, clean, as I go to the flea tonight.
{not that it will stay that way for long}

I am really excited about this show. As I was setting up
yesterday I had the chance to walk around and see all the booths.
That's all I have to say!
There is some serious talent out there!

I am putting the giveaway on hold until Sunday~hope you all don't get too mad at me....

Ok, must get in the shower, I do believe, actually I know,
no one wants to see me tonight the way I look right now!


Jen said...

Gorgeous interior spaces -- the trees add so much!

Anonymous said...

I love these interiors!! xoxoxo

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

~*~LOVE those images!!! Have fun at the show~*~* Hugs,Rachel ;)~*~*

Jodi said...

Have a great time, I can't wait to see pictures; please take a bunch! :)

NanaDiana said...

Melanie- Have a wonderful time at the show. I'm sure your stuff will be a show-stopper all by itself. Please take pictures of all the new things you see-so we can live vicariously. Hugs- Diana

ps. I GET the clean house thing...I seriously, seriously do!

Between You and Me said...

love the clean, crisp rooms that you pictured!

Have fun this weekend~ your new pic on your sidebar of yourself...great one of you!

Unknown said...

awesome blog. great spaces.

Simply LKJ said...

Can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures! Have a great time.

Blondie's Journal said...

I have been seeing a lot of the trees and/or tree branches as part of the decor in restaurants and just love the look!! Great images.

Best of luck with your flea event tonight!


Tammy said...

Beautiful images!
Have a Great Show!
Tammy :-)

Robyn said...

I WISH I could go to the show! I'm sure it's going to be spectacular! Something about bringing trees indoors adds an organic feel that nothing else can!

Christina @ greige and My Sparrow said...

I love that first picture...everytime..

Lindsay said...

Have a great time! Love the spaces you featured. SO pretty!

Laurie said...

Love the trees! Wishing you a fantastic show!!! Laurie

BearShe Cottage said...

Hope you have a good time at the show. I wish we had something like that around where I live. Good weekend wishes for everyone!

Beth E-R said...

It was fun to see you at the R & R show. Your booth looked wonderful! The pillows were even more handsome in person. And to have a clean house before the show even started is impressive!

MODERN Prairie Girl said...

Love a girl who appreciates giant trees in her hallway! ;)

My daughter and I are trying to figure out how to anchor birch trees onto the posts of her bed..not going so well thus far.
For now, we'll just have to be happy with the windmill in kitchen!
Happy week, girlie!

Noel Solomon said...

Your blog just makes me smile~

Noel from fanciful Designs

Unknown said...

the trees! pretty but coming out of the floor or attached to it would be an invite for my dog to do his thing right there- on the tree!

Unknown said...

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