Thursday, November 25, 2010

~our $20 Thanksgiving table~

Use what you have.
That was my motto this year.
I think I was pretty successful.
I only spent $20 on fresh flowers.
I had these cute little bronze squirrel placecard
holders from Pottery Barn I got several years back.
I used all my vintage ironstone and silver.
I layered on the pieces, mixing and matching the patterns.
My only criteria was to stick with the creams, browns, and blacks.

I had these little vintage bottles and put
the extra clippings from my centerpieces in them.
They are scattered randomly over the table.

The acorns were off of a garland I had.
I simply pulled them apart and put them in with the greenery.

I also added pine cones for a rustic natural look.

Tarnished silver candlesticks go nicely with

the silver vintage silver platters I used as chargers.

I also added feathers to the floral arrangements.

White roses, baby's breath, ferns, and
other greenery were the only things I purchased.

The silver vases were left over from my sisters wedding 8 years ago.
The glasses are from a thrift store.

I already had the quilted cream runner.
The wine glasses with the numbers are from a Rosanna warehouse sale.

I like how monochromatic everything is, without being too dull.

Wishing you a Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, and great memories!


All That Jazz said...

It's lovely and perfectly autumn....I have some plates that match the brown and cream bowl the squirrel is on....I got them at a little flea market down the road from Barn House two years ago. I only bought two and wish I'd picked up the rest of them!! I love your thrift shop glasses, too!!
Have a cozy and yummy Thanksgiving holiday!

Cori said...

What a beautiful hjolidlay table. You would never know it was thrify too.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I am thankful that I follow your blog and have the benefit of your inspiration and creativity.


Starview Sonnet

Ashley said...

So lovely and inviting! xoxoxo

Sanctuary Home said...

Your table is BEAUTIFUL! Very creative and inspiring. I want to come to your house for dinner sometime! ;) I'm not having Thanksgiving at my house this year, but it almost makes me wish I was. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

sharon said...

Very pretty Melanie, love the natural colour scheme carried through the brown transferare.
All you american gals are making me long for festive dinner tables, but here in europe we have to wait for Christmas!
Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner
My French COuntry Home

The Passionate Home said...

I just love your mismatched table and your use of mother nature, so beautiful! I have always wanted to shop for vintage dishware and I think I will start today! Thanks!

A Lasting First Impression said...

Love the table setting, it looks just beautiful! Funny story, I was given two tea cups for my begin my brown and cream dish collection. The two tea cups match your plates...the cross hatch with the dots....totally love them, and love that I am now collecting the same dishes you have! : )
Hope you have a wonderful day. I will contact you on Friday, for wreath plans!

The Passionate Home said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Love it!!! The brown and cream is stunning and so fresh!

Suzann said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!
I love your table set in the cream, tan and looks very classy!
Thank you for sharing!

Daryl at Vermont Cottage said...

Such a gorgeous table setting. I'll bet it was wonderful!

NanaDiana said...

Melanie- It all looks beautiful I gotta tell you though-Those little squirrel place card holders stole the show for me! Darling- Hugs- Diana

Ann said...

I love it, and especially that you used what you had! Lovely! The squirrel is tooo cute!

Shabby soul said...

Beautiful tablescape!
The name of that plant (baby's breath) sounds so light, as the flower is... In Italy we call it bridal veil.
xoxo Silvia

Sommers Breeze Antiques said...

That is a table setting fit for magazines!

LuLu said...


BearShe Cottage said...

Your Thanksgiving table is absolutely beautiful. Should be in a magazine.

Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Love the table with the brown and white hues. And the little squirrel.
Don’t miss the give-a-ways, linky party and Bavarian Christmas starting 26 Nov!

Polly said...

It's gorgeous....every detail is lovely!

Sheila @ Dodging Raindrops said...

I love your taste in flowers!

Dear Lillie said...

Ahhh - I love it! I am addicted to blacks, browns and creams. It looks fabulous! I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Pink Pig said...

Happy Holiday's to you and your family. The table is stunning!

White and Rust said...

The table setting is beautiful. I love the use of pinecones and your little jars!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Your table looks so beautiful! Love all of the layering.

Pearl Maple said...

Well done, this is a gorgeous table setting with your little touches of nature and all the sweeter to make the magic happen on a budget

Windy Ridge said...

So beautiful and inspiring!

Looking Glass said...

Such a wonderful table setting. I love it :-)

~ Clare x

Heidi Szczepanski said...

Absolutely beautiful table! I love the little squirle place card holder.
Thanks for sharing.
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