Wednesday, December 29, 2010

~color combo {grey + blue}

Saying that I am in love with this tranquil color combo is an understatement.
There is just something so soothing about these subdued colors.
In this photo. Tracery Interiors has done it again, everything is just perfect. And my idol, Heather Chadduck.
Her new bedroom rocks my socks off.
I love her ruffled lamp shade and the use of an old over sized basket for a night stand!

This photo is from the blog home for the better.
I don't know the color on the walls but it's gorgeous,
especially with all that worn wood.

Martha Stewart shows us this fabulous room.
That bed skirt is to die for.
I love the matching canopy too.

Again from home for the better, this room has the perfect hue on the walls, and check out the paint on the ceiling!

As we are snowed in today, I am stuck at home dreaming of ways
I can use this color combo in my home.


Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

These pictuers are gorgeous! I love the last one looking through the door into the blue. Yes, a beautiful combination.

Bajka decoupage said...

beautiful !!!

Unknown said...

LOVE all these pictures...I love your blog and your home! Thanks for all the WONDERFUL inspiration!!!

Karena said...

Melanie....Really beautiful Girl!! I love blues and grays in all shades!

Art by Karena

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I like the dichotomy of the rustic linen bed pillow with the super swirly monogram. Lovely colors, I agree, especially for a bedroom.
Mary Ann
PS. Happy New year!

dedeetsyshop said...

I am in love with these color combos too! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

These combo's are certainly wonderful and tranquil! Xoxoxo

Amy R. said...

Love these pics! I feel a project coming on!

Annie Louise said...

I too love blues and grey together. Thanks for the inspirational post--love those pictures.

- said...

Simply lovely!

Nancy's Notes said...

Just gorgeous!

24 Corners said...

The last three pictures are all Martha and the paint colors used are from her Araucana line (now at Fine Paints of Europe, under AR). I've loved these colors since they first cam out and have used them quite a bit...they're heavenly.
xo J~

Shannan Martin said...

I heart Heather Chadduck! You've got such an amazing sense of style, Melaine. Thank you for keeping the inspiration and the sweet spirit coming!

nomo wino daph said...

Oh my....beautiful images...makes me want to redo EVERYTHING! lol

The last 2 images.....LOVE LOVE!!!

Antiqueaholics said...

What an amazing post. These colors are so beautiful - I loved every room. Just gorgeous.

Beth West said...

So very pretty. It's hard to decide which picture I like the most.

Things That Inspire said...

I truly love this color combination. It is so peaceful and soothing, everything a master retreat should be!

I love that Tracery Interiors picture - I have never seen it, but it is definitely going in my inspiration files!

[email protected] friendly homemaking said...

These colors are so pretty to look at.All of the pictures are gorgeous.
It really does make you want to redecorate!

Anonymous said...

These are my favorite too. Martha Stewart had them made to match the shades of her araucana chicken eggs.

Unknown said...

Looking for the Martha Stewart Paint colors from the canopy BR. Do you know what they are? Thx!

Unknown said...

Looking for the Martha Stewart Paint colors from the canopy BR. Do you know what they are? Thx!

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