Thursday, December 30, 2010

~eight is great~

"Before you were conceived I wanted you.
Before you were born I loved
you. Before you were here an hour I would die for you.
This is the miracle
of love."
- Maureen Hawkins

8 years ago today, hands down, was the best New Years celebration we have ever had.
I got to ring in the New Year holding my new 9 pound bundle of joy!

Every day has been a new adventure.
Happy 8th birthday crazy Cody,
we love you to the moon and back,
and back again.


Blondie's Journal said...

I LOVE the little poem! You have a handsome guy there!


Kelley said...

Hey Melaine....yes you are a lucky girl!

Thanks for the fun chats and for sharing all of your inspiration and ideas!



Anonymous said...

Great poem, it really describes how a mother feels! Xoxoxo

Angie said...

AWWW Happy Bday Cody!!

Karena said...

Melaine, such a great occassion to celebrate, you have a cute one there!

Happy New Years!

Art by Karena

BearShe Cottage said...

My oldest daughter was born on Dec 30th (34 years ago) so I know how you felt bringing in the new year with a newborn. Your son is darling.

jackie said...

Little boys are so SPECIAL!

Sheila said...

What a cutie! My son is 7 so pretty close to yours. I love those toothless grins!

Anonymous said...

I'm celebrating a birthday today too. Closer to 80 than 8...ha!

DustyLu said...

Ohhh that is so amazing, my new baby will be born a day after my birthday! I am so glad to know you this year! You are a true inspiration to us all! Thank you, Happy New year and Happy birthday big boy! Hugs Lulu

NanaDiana said...

That will be one of your most favorite pictures ever of your son...long after he is grown and on his own. God bless this beautiful child, Melanie. I hope he has grandparents that treasure him as much as you do! Hugs-Diana

Teresa said...

Happy Birthday to your young man! My hands down favorite photos of my boys are the ones with a missing tooth or two. Priceless and precious. What an awesome day to be born....fireworks and a big party every single year!

Dear Lillie said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little boy!

Anonymous said...

Our sons share the same birthday! He was also in the 9lb+ range.

Happy New Year,

Allison said...

Happy Birthday to Cody and Happy New Year to you, Melaine!

Free Art Printables said...

Happy New year Melaine!!! :)

HRH Sarah said...

Happy New Year/ Birthday!!!! What a great picture, too.

Country girl said...

Happy birthday to your little big boy!!! Happy New Year to all of you!

[email protected] eco friendly homemaking said...

How precious and what a Blessing. Wow and 9 pounds! What a great way for you to ring in the New Year.

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