Saturday, December 18, 2010

~leopard print~love it or hate it?~

In little bits, here and there, I love leopard print.

I think it can be overdone.

However, I am really drawn to it lately....

I spy a little leopard print in the sofa pillows.

I heart those drapes too!

{r.i.p cottage living} An all time fave photo of mine from country living.

I love how this room,
{via glamorous interiors}
is almost all cream, with just a hint of color.
The pillows make it feel glamorous,

as well as the addition of a few metallics.

Even Coastal Living featured a room with leopard print!

The carpet on these stairs is to die for!
{via casa sugar}

so, what's the verdict?
Love it
hate it?
p.s. just found out my home was featured on houzz!

If you want to see how my house was decorated last year, head over here.


Anonymous said...

I discovered your amazing talent last year on RMS website and have been a devoted follower since. This is the first time I leave a comment though, I know,sorry. Your taste for decorating has inspired me to decorate more, I have always loved it. Thank you for all your wonderful posts. I love leopard print. I even have some leopard print flats that I love to wear. But I agree, it can be overdone. My motto, "a girl should always have a little animal print".
Maggie, Nunez, Whittier CA

jeana said...

I have my heart set on this duvet.
I love that it's light and doesn't overpower the room with leopard. The don't have any in king though...


Congratulations, Melaine. I enjoyed the tour of your Christmas home on houzz.

Merry Christmas
ps. I hate leopard print. :)

{ L } said...

My house had lots of cheetah, leopard and giraffe prints in the 90s. It was fun. It's too soon for me to go back to it, but im still enjoying your lovely photos. Thanks!

[email protected] said...

I think this topic probably comes down to individuality and making your home your own! I personally just like the animal prints in small quantities. But, the right person could pull off more.

Julie Johnson said...

Love healthy doses. I have a leopard pillow in our it there. I've been asking for a runner up the stairs and down the upstairs hall for 5 years. My dh and his friend who sells carpeting keep telling me I'm nuts. Some day?!

[email protected] said...

I want to like it-- I do. But then, I look at it, and it screams "prostitute's living room", or "hooker's furniture", or "slut's _____". I don't know why.

Diane Drake said...

No question - love a little leopard print!

The Tattered Cottage said...

Love it....I even have a leopard rug in my kitchen...for a little RAWR.
Merry Christmas,

Daryl at Vermont Cottage said...

Leopard print? Love, love love!!! A few faves: leopard print pumps, leopard print long underwear (uh-huh), and a leopard print stair runner...all on my dream list and have been for some time. I love it when it isn't expected.

kristin said...

oh i LOVE that last one, that stair runner! SO CUTE!
I love leopard, my main guest bathroom is done in leopard but isnt over done.. just a shower curtain and a rug. I have black and tan towels hung up.
However I plan on putting my white tree up in there year-round and decorating it for the seasons but i think i might do a main brown adn black theme on it when there isnt a holiday to coordinate with the bathroom!

Seawashed said...

lOvE iT! During the winter season I pull out my furry leapard and giraffe print toss pillows...adds just enough to the white slipcovered coastal decor of my cottage.

The 5 Bickies said...

I love it in bits and pieces as well. One piece in a room is enough. I am about to recover an ottoman in an animal print...can't wait!

Alicia @ eco friendly homemaking said...

I am not real big on leopard prints but the pictures you showed make it really look nice. Maybe I will think a little more toward using a little of it.

Meggan said...

Totally understand your dilemma! I have been experiencing the same exact thing with my house and my wardrobe! I say in most situations I love it as long as the animal print is not overdone.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

in small does ~ Love it!

Carol Bennett said...

Leopard print? Just a "tad here and there "is plenty for me!
Carol in GA

Kendra said...

I like it in VERY small doses. That first photo was just enough for my taste. Merry Christmas!

Calypso In The Country said...

Love it but I have yet to pull it off in a way that I am happy with!

melinda said...

I am a fan ! I have a few throw pillows and a small ottoman in leopard print. I read once that it is considered a neutral so it goes with everything. When my house was on the Christmas tour I used leopard ribbons for accents on my garland and wreaths. Ballards has the same look. I also own a pair of ballet flats with the print. Runners up my steps is to die for !!

Elisabeth said...

No offense, but I can't stand animal prints of any kind! It's just not my thing. I love your taste though so if anyone could pull it off and look good, it would be you!

Beth West said...

Can be cute in VERY small doses. And those need to have a somewhat faded look to them at that. My 18 yo dd however has leopard print shoes and just loves it.

Congrats on having your home featured on houzz!

HRH Sarah said...

LURV it. In small, tasteful doses, of course.

Robin Johnson said...

I'm not a fan. I'm trying to be for you oldest daughters sake - she loves it. Sadly it's not happening.

Tamra said...

Love it in moderation and if it's a truly luxurious one.

Unknown said...

I'm a fan, but in very small doses! Otherwise it's a little NJ housewives ; o )

Lisa Ann said...

I love just a little leopard... it becomes another neutral in parts of our home. The right print and fabric choice when using it will decide if it is a whimsical elegance or just cheap. The point of a "home" is to be comfortable and not too serious all the time and leopard does this for me.

The white photo made me remember how you use to show realty photos in your area. I miss those along with the fun drive photos you once did awhile back. You live in a creative and absolutely beautiful part of the country... Merry Christmas! lisa

All That Jazz said...

I agree with Lisa's comment- leopard print has a whimsical quality when used in small doses! For example, my bathroom is all white ruffle shower curtain and white shabby iron and a basket with white towels....but then I have one brown/white zebra print hand towel and shower towel on the rack just to add that extra something! ;-)
I also just bought the cutest pair of Croc ballet flats in leopard print for $6 at Value Village~ they will be super fun this summer!! And I always have a leopard print scarf to wear with a black sweater, jeans, and boots-a classic look!

Kim G. said...

Not hate, but rather dislike it.

Cindy Logan said...

I have always loved leapard print!!

Cindy Logan said...

I have always loved leapard print!!

Alecia said...

I LOVE a splash of Leopard print here and cousin just put leopard carpet on her stairs as well...LOVE IT!!!! I've also seen zebra print on stairs...pretty amazing as well.

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