Friday, December 10, 2010

~mom's blueberry cardamon bread~

yesterday was one of those days that I spent baking.

It was a cold windy day and I felt like staying inside

{after running a multitude of errands}

and baking up some memories.

My mom used to make this bread with fresh blueberries off her trees.

All I had was the frozen kind, but it turned out almost as good!

I could eat a whole loaf of this in one sitting.

Seriously. If you like cardamon, you'll love this bread.

Besides being a tasty spice,

the aroma of the cardamon will make your house smell wonderful!

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Allison said...

The bread sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing your recipe. If I have time today I think I'll make it for a nice Sunday breakfast tomorrow. I'll go over and vote for you!

Between You and Me said...

bread looks delicious...can't wait to try another one of your great recipes! thanks!

Tessa said...

Hi! It's my first time visiting your gorgeous blog and I had to stop and say thank you for listing my little ol' blog on your blog roll. So, so honored. What a sweet surprise! Thank you so much!! Ok, off to look around through some of your older posts...
xo, Tessa

Lindsay said...


Tammy said...

sounds and looks delish! I'll have to try it! Thanks for sharing your Mom's recipe!
Tammy :-)

Anonymous said...

oh, this looks wonderful...I'm drooling on my be baking this afternoon, thanks for the recipe..maureen

Anonymous said...

I made this bread and it did smell wonderful. One problem, the recipe says grease and flour a bread pan and I think I should have used 2 bread pans. The bread would not get done and it did run all over my oven. Just thought I would let you know in case you want to change the recipe.

Thanks and Merry Christmas

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