Saturday, January 1, 2011

~head over heels~

Can you tell my tastes are evolving a bit from all white neutral spaces?
Don't get me wrong, I still love them and will continue to,
but I'm loving adding bits of subtle color here and there.
I think that's what I love about all these spaces.
They are not bright, vibrant, or in your face.
They still are relaxing and cozy but have that added punch of color.
Like something as simple as a blue door and a red pillow. And small bits of color on all white walls with a lot of natural wood.

This is a good example of a space that has got it all.
Even though the walls are white it's not too stark with
the dark wood beams and dark tile floor.
The faded antique rug add that little bit of rich color without being over the top.
A few colorful accessories top off the look.

Check out those old wide plank floors!
Here the color comes from the old school house chalk board.
Tons of texture in this room~love it!

I love this photo, not only for that adorable pooch, but also because it has some similarities with our living room.
We have the cedar ceiling and the painted wood walls.
It looks very clean yet still lived in.

The dark wood beams on the ceiling ground this space and the sparkly chandelier adds some glamour to an otherwise pretty neutral room.
I also like the idea of adding color in fresh flowers.
The silk draperies are pretty neat too!

I'm off to enjoy a day with my favorite 8 year old at Chuck E Cheese.......
Have a great day!
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Again, here is the address where you can reach Edie.

Gina Williams506 Helton Road Maryville, TN 37804


[email protected] Stroll Thru Life said...

Gorgeous pictures. The small touches of color do wonders to give these room interest. Great inspiration. Hugs, Marty

Jenny said...

I love these photos!! Such a clean look with the punches of personality with the choices of color. I think the first photo is my favorite.

Simply LKJ said...

Great pictures! And yes, the one looks very much like your home. Have a great day with Cody!!

Karena said...


Oh I agree I have to have some color going on! Pillows pottery, etc are great ways to introduce it if you are all neutral!

Art by Karena

Destiny said...

Happy New Year! It's so funny that you blogged today about adding touches of color...I was just thinking last night that I want to do that with my own home. I'm not really sure where to start though...It's hard to make color work in a home that's all neutrals! I started with a cute little anthropologie mug in the kitchen that's got a turquoise and red floral design. Now what?! Haha! ~Destiny

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

So beautiful, wish I lived there! Have a safe, warm and cozy New Year!
Take Care,

It's a Wannabe Decorator's Life said...

I loved all of these pictures!!! Just gorgeous inspiration!

teacherchar said...

I love the photos you select for your blog. Always so inspirational - just like the photos from your home.
Additionally, I was wondering if anyone could help me locate the blog recently posted on another site about a cookie exchange held by the blogger's sister. The packaging materials and tags were so unique, and I can't remember what blog I saw them! Any help would be appreciated!! :)
Thanks again for this wonderful site!!

Erin Walsh Design said...

Love that blue door & red pillow in the first photo!

All That Jazz said...

Those are all great photos, I love them all, too! I've always loved a bit of color, it's been hard for me not to have it in some form or another. I just try to pick one or two I like then rotate that color in with accessories, then nothing is too permanent and I'm not making expensive purchases then changing my mind about color three months later. Now if I had an unlimited budget that would be okay, LOL.... ;-)

All things nice... said...

Lovely images, I think the colours make the rooms look like they are more lived in and vibrant and inviting. All white or neutral rooms can look reall pretty but somewhat cold looking

All things nice...

Angie said...

The first livingroom photo and the kitchen photo are in my inspiration folder! LOVE THEM!! I'm not a fan of the round bulb light fixtures in the kitchen but everything else is perfection! ;)

Between You and Me said...

Love these photos!!

I'm with a clean space filled with wood tones and creamy whites but a punch of color here and there makes a space perfect!

Jen said...

How pretty and fresh! I love the color of the door in the first photo!

House of Fiddeli said...

Cute blog :)

Erin said...

LOVE this style!!

The Splendiferous Life said...

I am starting to take down wallpaper in my kitchen (ewww)..then paint..I am so excited about the colors I picked I can't wait..I will be blogging the process. Love the first picture you's amazing how just adding the little bit of color can change everything.


Tessa said...

love, love, love!! each and every one of these. a couple i have in my inspiration folder, but most i've never seen. beautitul!! happy new year!!

Unknown said...

LOVE your blog!!! I read it all the time!!! I HAD to award you the Trendy Blog Award over at!!!

come pick up your button!!!


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Such lovely, inspirational photos.
I keep wanting to change everything in my home whenever I see blogs like yours.


Jacqui said...

Hello Melaine,
I love the blue doors on two of the pics, yes little subtleties of colour are just great!!

Michaela said...

Love these pictures. Adore the first photo! And the ceilings are gorgeous! just my style (:

Shannan Martin said...

I am SO right there with you! I've got such an urge to paint our black armoire turquoise and the blue/gray walls a very light gray, then fill the whole place up with fun pops!

Be Colorful Coastal said...

Oh yeah, I agree. I have been mesmerized by the creamy white rooms I see everywhere but really it is color that makes my heart sing. I like those little pops here and there that give these rooms some life.
Happy New Years.
Pam @ Becolorful

candyheartshome said...

Me too - I'm totally loving colour these days, but in a sophisticated way. Someone who uses it to great effect is Anna Spiro, who has the blog Absolutely Beautiful Things ( She goes far more vibrant than the examples above, but it's still so appealing and grown up. I'm still working out how to incorporate it in my own home though...! x

Beth West said...

The photo with the blue door and red pillow demonstrates how just a little bit of color can have a major impact on a room.

My walls are a nuetral brown, but my children's toys scattered about provide plenty of color :)

Anonymous said...

Love the neutral background with the splash of color. Cozy, warm, inviting.

meg said...

I'm so glad you found my website and enjoyed some of the photos. You curated a great selection for your post. I really enjoyed discovering your blog, it's beautiful.

A Vintage Vine said...

I feel the same way about needing a splash of color...Thanks for sharing all these great have such a great way of finding these for all us.

AuntieDee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

OMG...that first picture with the blue door...I can't

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