Friday, March 18, 2011

~botanical project reveal~

Well, here it is.
The polished pebble botanical project reveal.
It was a challenge to find out how to frame 8 of these beauties for under $20.
I found these wonderful green vintage looking frames at a local craft shop for $5 a piece.
And then I had a 50% off coupon.
So, there you have it, $20.00. I didn't have enough money left in the budget for matting, so I went ahead and just taped the prints to white paper.
I actually prefer this look as opposed to matting them.
I think matting would detract from the beauty and uniqueness of the pages themselves.

Someone put a lot of time into each one of these pages.

The frames themselves have a wonderful patina. They are a great green color
{one of my favorite colors}
with touches of gold and cream.

I decided to hang them in my makeshift mudroom area.
The color of the frames go great with the cushion on the bench.
Three of them are along the back wall and then a couple more "wrap" each side of the bench.
It was hard to get a photo of it all~sorry.

I just love how they turned out.
Don't forget to check out these blogs to see what they have done with theirs.
I love seeing all the different projects and everyones personal take on them!
Thank you Kelley for including me on this fun project, I really do feel honored.
You have become a great friend.
Now, go check these out!
Kelley at the polished pebble.
Artie at color outside the lines
Andrea at faded plains.


Aaron {the girl with the boy's name} said...

I think it looks beautiful! Those frames match the feel of the prints perfectly.

-Aaron {the girl with the boy's name}

mybelleepoque said...

These are gorgeous. I need something for above my grain sack project that I just posted about. Might have to look for something like this!

Vintage Market Place said...

wow those frames really compliment the art of the pressed samples.
It looks so great how you have them displayed.
A+ I say!

Anonymous said...

I love botanicals and those frames are perfect -- they turned out great!!!


Kelley said...

Hi Melaine! Those turned out so great. I think ours are very similar in style, don't you?

I can't believe you got those frames that cheap...well actually I can because you are the queen of the deal!

Thanks again fro are great!
xo kelley

Faded Plains said...

You framed your botanicals beautifully Melanie...and your mudroom looks soooo pretty!

Heather Salazar said...

GREAT job!

They look awesome


Maxine said...


niartist said...

Melaine, they're GORGEOUS! I love what you did with them, and I love even more where you put them! That little sitting alcove is down right covetable! :)

Little Leslie said...

Wow! What a great find. I love the descriptions accompanying them.

Mind Movies Reviews said...

Wow! Those are simply stunning and beautiful!

[email protected] said...

So classic and beautiful - I agree the plain white paper background really makes the prints themselves the star!

(P.S. thanks for the link to the "avocado fries" in your post below - now I have another thing to wreck my diet;-)

Lynne said... much to admire today! The botanicals are lovely...and I love your new look! *Lynne*

Tessa said...

Those turned out SOOO pretty!! The frames are perfect (and so are the gorgeous pillows on the bench!). And what a fun little memory you'll have each time you see them!


Kaitlin said...

These are fantastic! Where did you even get the botanical prints? I'm your newest follower now!

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

They look fantastic, LOVE the transformation, Janna

Anne Marie said...

I love finding inspiration here....

lafamigliadesignllc said...

Love the finished product! It was so fun to see
how each of you put your creativity in play! Thank
you for introducing me to the other bloggers.


recklessbliss said...

That's really beautiful, great job! I love that you stayed on such a strict budget and framed items that have a past. Love the blog! Drop by mine sometime if you get the chance for a chat ;)

Unknown said...

I just heart all of your wonderful decor ideas! Can I just steal your house room by room. Pretty please???

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