Tuesday, March 29, 2011

~goodwill hunting~

One of my favorite ways to spend the day is to go thrifting.
There is nothing like finding a treasure for next to nothing.
Yesterday I spent 7 hours driving from thrift store to thrift store, and I came home with some great finds. Some I will keep, some I will sell.
The first place I hit when I go to these stores is the home section. I look at the furniture, the lamps, the linens and the accessories, in that order, really.
Don't ask me why.
 Recently I discovered that goodwill has a blog!
They have contributors that share ideas on turning trash into treasures.
Like this trunk above for example.
I see these all the time at thrift stores.
Look how fabulous it looks in this bedroom and think of all the extra storage!
Tea cups are a dime a dozen as well.
You can organize your jewelry in a drawer like shown here, or stock up for a little girls tea party.
 I like to use old ashtrays for my jewelry storage.
I know that sounds weird, but I collect white milk glass ashtrays.
{and truth be told, they don't look like ashtrays, more like cute little bowls that are the perfect size for rings and earrings}
I like how how this photo shows one being used for car keys.
 And, thrift stores are a great resource for old books!
I always look for old sheet music, children's books with old graphics, and antique books for decorative purposes.
Framing book pages is a clever, inexpensive way for instant unique wall art.
 My next mission:
~to start a collection of old globes~
Love them and how they look when grouped together.
I go thrifting one to two times a week, sometimes more.
My kids are at the age where it is "not cool" anymore, so I usually go while they are at school.
My husband won't go with me either.
He said those places smell bad.
Good thing I have friends that share my passion.
all photos courtesy of wow goodwill.


The enchanted home said...

They have a blog? What? Come again! Wow the design bug even bites the Goodwill, go figure! I love it...nothing is as exciting as a bargain and putting it to good use...love how you can get so resourceful. Great post!

HeatherF1 said...

I have always been a garage saler, but a friend of mine has gotten me in to Good Will. I have found some great finds! Yes, it doesn't always smell the best in there, and my oldest wouldn't be caught dead in there. That reminds me, I have a trip I have to take to my favorite one! : )

Unknown said...

This is me to a tea!!!! I do EXACTLY the same thing...it's a thrill! Love seeing your take on it, thanks for the cute new ideas!

Debbiedoos said...

Cool! I go to goodwill weekly, except ours in not stocked well..mostly clothes. Love your inspirations here. I will check out their blog too.

Rosita Designs said...

what thrift stores do you visit? i've done the seattle goodwill & salvation army. and, i went to the bellevue goodwill on good authority it had good stuff, but i found nothing. i don't go weekly, but figured i could find a thing or 2.

and, the prices seem really ridiculous. the last time i went, i found a target kid's plate that was still in target stores with the target price tag on it, and goodwill was trying to sell it for more!

so, please share your local secrets - i'd love to be more of a thrifter!

ChRiS said...

i started going to Goodwill few years ago i was so thin that i couldn't find clothes but at Goodwill i could find name brand size 1's i was thrilled. I am in shock at how different each store is and how some of the pricing seems to be, still good bargins but i think Goodwill has been reading everyones blogs...prices have jumped!!

Vintage Market Place said...

right there with ya girl!
Love the thrift shops and I also go it alone, I prefer it this way cuz then I can get in the zone and just be
I used to go everyday as a buyer for a Japanese company that paid me to buy in thriftshops for them, now I am lucky to get there once a week.

Alexis Gradwohl said...

I have always loved going to thrift stores. In fact, last week I scored three lamps. We recently bought a vacation home and I thought they'd be perfect there. My husband will not go with me either, in fact when I bought them inside he said "are those used?" I was so annoyed. If I would not have told him, he would have never said anything. I just wrote a blog about them, check it out.


Melanie @ Tip Toe Thirty said...

I didn't know they had a blog. How cool!! I'm going to look at it now. Thanks for sharing!

Cottage Mommy said...

Wow! Totally impressed that all those photos are from the Goodwill blog! I'm checking that out for sure! I have a collection of old globes and I never get tired of looking at them...they are the perfect colors!

Shabby Sheshe said...

I got snacks!! When are we going again?!?
L, Michelle
ps. you get the next clock!!!!! :)

HRH Sarah said...

I adore a thrift store, especially the Goodwill "Second Debut". The have some of the nicer items, which is great when you have been through the same stores over and over, and just want a quick look at some good stuff. Especially at Christmas- I got 3 large Nutcrackers for less than 10 dollars total! Can't wait to see your "new" goodies!

Nicole Dorfmädchenglück said...

the first picture is so lovely...i would like to sleep only a while in this beautiful room :)

Greetings from Germany

AntiqueChase said...

I go all the time too but I got to agree with your hubs that they do smell rather funky!

mcgrathinnola said...

You bet sista!!! Been going to Goodwill and all thrift stores for years!!! It is amazing some of the finds. You can also shop online with Goodwill..check it out!

Amanda Dittmer said...

Got two cute bud vases at Goodwill yesterday for less than a dollar each! ([email protected])

Rustic and White said...

My hubby and I used to go a lot but then we realized that the prices were outrageous. We can do better at garage sales and auctions. I am impressed that they have a blog.

3 Peanuts said...

great post. OUr goodwill here in Houston is not that good. Last year I was looking for teacups for 6 months and never found them.... maybe I need to get out there more often....

Anonymous said...

i love thrifting too! my kiddos are still young so sometimes i have to drag them with me! i love the thrill of a good find! but i do agree with your hubby, sometimes (like todays thrift store visit) they stink! ha!

Megan said...

I feel the exact same way! I recently started a globe collection for my boys' room, we need more though!


Wendy said...

Speaking of shopping, I keep forgetting to tell you I was at Ruffles and Rust Square (I live in Arlington) and bought one of your little blue glass bottles.♥ I can't wait to go back again when I have more time to shop. Maybe the grand opening on Saturday? ? ? Your booth is FABULOUSNESS!

All That Jazz said...

I love thrifting! It's totally the thrill of the hunt, isn't it? I try hit the thrift shops on their sale days or when I have coupons. Otherwise, I find the prices aren't good enough for items to be resold (but for my own personal collection, they are fine! :-) I can't wait to hit the garage sales too. If you ever need a thrifting partner, give me a call. I don't mind the stinky place, LOL! ;-)

SellWoWAccount said...

Great finds indeed! Old items do get better as they age, it's just up to us on how we make use of it.

Sell WoW Account

Aleigh at Goodwill said...

Thanks for the great shout-out! We're so glad you like our blog. :)

Midwest Magnolia - Melissa Lewis said...

You have got to be kidding me! I had no clue. Oh my goodness, the inspiration will be endless. I love my thrift stores and garage sales! Thanks for sharing this with us so we can delight in it as well:)

Anonymous said...

great post! Lots of info. Didn't know about their blog! I just got back from checking it out!

Lily from Birch + Bird said...

We don't have Goodwill stores up here in BC but we recently hit our first Goodwill Outlet store in Seattle a few weekends ago...now that was an experience! Not for the faint of heart (a lot of people were wearing gloves, which we really wished we'd had!) but it's super cheap and you pay by the pound. After that, the Salvation Army looked like a boutique in comparison :)

Anonymous said...

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