Thursday, March 3, 2011

~love, love, love~

If you guessed that I was the one in the video yesterday telling my friend we had to cram the flower cart in my car, you were correct!
I was also in line at the beginning
~that {l o n g} line~
{so worth it though}
My friend Trina was the one saying we were going to have to elbow our way in, and I was the one that was WAAYYY to close to the camera.
By the way, no one was harmed with our elbows.
Also, if you live in the area and have not yet check out the new ruffles and rust square you must go! The dealers are bringing in new things DAILY. I just brought a huge truckload over myself yesterday.
OK, onto today's post which is about photos that I LOVE, and think you will too.
I LOVE this entryway
{via: apt. therapy}
I LOVE the color on these walls and the framed prints put together so neatly.
{via: Brabourne Farm}

A repeat photo, but one I'm still LOVING.....
everything about it actually.
{via: Heather Chadduck}

What is not to
LOVE about this kitchen?
{via: Simply Seleta}

~Ahh, neutral Heaven~
I LOVE that light fixture!
{via: Southern Living}

I'd be that happy to in this beautiful lovely space.
{via: Southern Living}

Um....hi beautiful bench and gorgeous wildflowers.
{via: Fern Creek}

LOVE that John Derian tote and all the pattern!
{via: Tracery Interiors}

How about that headboard?
Do you LOVE it as much as I do?
{via: Full House}
I hope you are having a lovely day.
Come back tomorrow for
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Tracey said...

yes love it all...great inspiration for the day! Have to go back and read yesterday...curious what on earth your elbows had to do with anything! Have a great weekend.

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

Beautiful pictures! We just painted our kitchen that lovely brown color in the second photo down. LOVE it!

AntiqueChase said...

These are dangerous photos... makes me want to throw everything out and start over....

love heather chadduck's work!

The Old Painted Cottage said...

These are all fave's but Heather Chadduck's bedroom literally takes my breath away. If she had a book filled with all her work I'd purchase it in a heartbeat. Your shop looks great by the way.


KarenB said...

I have always loved how they did that photo wall in the Southern Living photo. So, incredibly creative. I want to try it sometime. My new house is all that brown color. I'm going to live in it awhile before I change anything. You can see it in my last post. Thanks for all the beautiful photos!

Sheila said...

I love that photo wall and the big ornate headboard!o

Robyn said...

Such GORGEOUS and inspiring photos! OH that headboard. It's just FABULOUS!

paperbird said...

SO beautiful here- i love all your images- especially those gorgeous kitchens!

Jenny {The Road to Bliss} said...

Love all of these!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Maxine said...

Love this headboard, the bedding too!! Totally stunning!! You go Girl, Filled with great ideals you are!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. hate hate HATE HATE the music. It makes me want to leave every time. Please take it off.

Soulful Mama said...

Oooh! I looooove that headboard!

~ Clare x

Unknown said...

couldn't agree more on your love of all things southern and simple... recent trip down south and i could make the move EASY...

Jacqui said...

Love that bench and wildflowers, wow!

Between You and Me said...

all of these pictures are absolutely beautiful....especially loved the long wooden bench with flowers on it...that one is in my inspiration files!

michelle said...

Beautiful inspirations! The kitchen dining area is so perfect!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

oh my! those are awesome spaces. i've got kitchen envy.

charleigh said...

i love the kitchen with the lovely light fixture from Southern Living. i'd love to find out more about it - do you remember where you found it on their site?

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