Thursday, March 17, 2011

~St. Patrick's Day Menu~

Today is my husbands birthday.
We have plans tonight so we celebrated last night with family and friends who all came over for dinner.
I thought I'd share the menu as it was a tasty one!
We started the pork on the traeger at 6 am and smoked it for 12 hours.
The avocado fries were delicious.
The recipe came from here.
The coleslaw recipe was from here.
I also served green grapes in keeping with the "green" theme,
as well as veggie appetizers such as cucumber
and zucchini slices, green peppers, celery, etc.
All green of course!
For the adults:
Key lime pie and devonshire pudding.
I cheated and bought the pie, but I did make the devonshire pudding.
It was my sister in law Debbie's recipe.
For the kids:
Lime jello and shamrock cookies.
It was a really fun night getting together with everyone.
Today I am off to go junking with a couple friends.
It should be a good day!
I hope you all are having one as well!


Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Sounds like a fun night and now a fun day. Hope you come across some great treasures. Sure wish I was near your new shop space. It sounds like the place for unique items. Stop by and check out my new "old" kitchen island if you have a chance. I think you might like it!

mybelleepoque said...

So cute... Fanciest green meal I have done is green eggs and ham for Dr. Suess day ;) I guess next year I will have to aim higher!

indiansummer said...

Ha, what a fun menu!

Happy Birthday to your husband!

Little Leslie said...

wow, you are a great hostess. Sounds delicious! Happy St Pt's and your husband's birthday

Alecia said...

What a great menu...can't wait to try the Avocado Fries! Hope you found some cute stuff when you went junking today!

BearShe Cottage said...

Happy Birthday to your Hubby. All the goodies sounds yummy.

All That Jazz said...

A super happy birthday to your hubby! The jello sounds yummy to me for some reason, LOL! Hope you found some great junk today! I found a few treasures today (for myself and for my vendor space! ;-)

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hooray, your writings on theater and writing much missed!

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