Friday, April 29, 2011

~my space at ruffles & rust square & a winner~

These photos were taken about a week ago before my friend Stephanie went in a re-did my space for me.
{thank you Stephanie!}
So, they are not the greatest photos, but it will show you a little bit about what I have in there!
 I love this cabinet, if it doesn't sell, I'm bringing it home! 
 I made this silhouette canvas using the free 8x10 canvas offer
{it is still going on, just click on the link at the top left hand corner of this page}
The bra and pantie pictures sold right away.
 I had a bunch of these cool chippy old windows, so I added lettering to them.
I think these are one of my favorite things in my space.
 And of course, lots of cover~less books and glassware.
 Little bits of color here and there, in my mostly neutral space.
 OK, I lied. 
This is my favorite thing.
It's a full size shabby white bed with headboard, foot board, and side rails, with this beautiful wreath applique on the headboard!
I wish I had a better picture.
 Lots of typography, simply because I like it!
 Oh, this shows you the headboard a little better!
 This chalkboard sold, but I have many more in the works! 
 A chippy black shutter that would make an awesome mail sorter/organizer.
I also made this rustic "wedding" sign inspired by all the cool country style weddings I'm seeing all over the Internet.
 More glass bottles and tarnished silver.
 Bundles of fresh French lavender and old spools.
 I was using this chippy old ledge for display, but it is now for sale!
 Grey and black shabby wood frame.
 A few vintage kitchen items and a few black Rosanna cake plates.
 This chalkboard sold as well.....more coming!
I have huge tupperwares full of more goodies to go to the store, including 2 French caned back black chairs with burlap seats!
Check back often, things change daily!
And, the winner of the of the earth jewelry giveaway is:
Carly from the Deckers!
Please contact of the earth jewelry on etsy to let her know which letter you would like on your necklace!
Have a happy weekend friends!


jessica said...

I want to make a trip up there to see your space...I just haven't had the time yet! I am not that far's been a few years since I've been to Snohomish...{10?} I love your space! Great items...I also have 3 {small, med and large} of the Rosanna cake plates!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful assortment of goodies you have. Everything is placed just right too. I'm sure you will sell a lot of things because the space is so inviting. Nicely done.

Little Leslie said...

love your look, have a great season!

Screaming Meme said...

In love....

Shannon said...

I want everything!

Annesphamily said...

I would love to have it all! Those cool windows are so sweet! I love all these pretty treasures. En joy the weekend, Anne

SoSoBella said...

oh my goodness, i just love it ALL.

Wendy said...

I love your goodies, Melaine. I'll be visiting your space again soon cause you were working on it while I was there. Ü

Unknown said...

Your space looks fantastic, wish I lived a little closer so I could shop there. Congrats on your success at R&R.

Unknown said...

OMGoodness! Too bad I don't live closer. Your space would be empty.

Sheri Martin said...

Great stuff!! I want it all!!!

Franciskas Vakre Verden said...

Dear Melanie, what a wonderful blog you have. I discovered it you just now and love what I see. I am now a follower.

Have a lovely day! All the best

Franciska from Norway :-)

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