Monday, April 11, 2011

~on a silhouette kick~

I made these, because.....
 I saw these and fell in love,
 and thought,
"hey, I could make those!"
 And if you want to make your own, I am going to show you how.
Start by having someone take a profile pic. of you.
{please do not comment on my unwashed hair}
 Gather your supplies.
You will need 2 canvas'
{I got mine on sale for around $11.00 a piece}
a pencil, a thin paint brush, a small inexpensive foam brush,
a black sharpie
black latex paint.
 Head on over to your local copy center and enlarge your photo to fit in your canvas. I wanted mine to fill up most of it, so I enlarged my photo about 300%.
If your cheap frugal like me and don't want to pay the money to use the oversize copier, you will have to piece together your papers and tape, like I did here.
 Once you have the pieces taped together, cut out your image.
Feel free to trim a little off your belly, give yourself a nose job, whatever you feel like.
 Position your "cut out" on the center of your blank canvas and trace around it in pencil.
You don't really need to tape it down, just hold with one hand, and trace with the other.
Now you are done with your paper and you can toss it.
If you have a steady hand you can use your thin brush to "outline" along the pencil marks, and then use your foam brush to fill it it, just like a coloring book. If you've had too much coffee and end up with a shaky outline, wait till you come off your caffeine high and then outline it with a black sharpie.
 To protect from dust and normal wear and tear, you can spray them lightly with a non yellowing polyurethane.
 And that my friends is it!
Total cost on this project: $24.00!
My daughter saw these and asked if I was pregnant when this picture was taken of me.
I smiled and told her that no, it was taken last week.
 And then I sent her to her room.
I will be at the gym this morning if you need me.


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Love your silhouettes! And you DO NOT look pregnant in yours! I especially like the ponytail in the silhouette - makes it fun!

Ido said...

Those silhouettes turned out beautiful (of course, with beautiful models)
Have a lovely day!

Unknown said...

What a cool post! This is really a neat project to do. Yours came out just great. They look good on your wall too. Have a nice day.

nest of posies said...

love these!

i adore any type of silhouette. especially when they face each other.

love coming over here to see what you have been up to. it's one of my daily stops.


AT HOME BLOG said...

:-) I wanna make those too!! And you look grate hon!

the cardigan-inn said...

ha,ha,ha that comment of your daughter, that is so funny.... And recognizable...
Love these silhouettes.
Love, from Holland

[email protected] said...

Love them! You are so crafty and talented!!

Little Leslie said...

These are totally awesome. I love the old ones and Guy and I had ours done, recently, at disneyland, but yours are the best!

Connie B said...

Love the silhouettes... though I'm not brave like yourself and doing one of myself. I did something somewhat similar but panted over some old canvas pieces in charcoal then chalked my sons side profiles on to the canvas. My family and friends love them. I'd love your thoughts on them...
Thanks a bunch!

Lateda said...

Im putting on a very padded bra and doing this! :) ha!
too fun!
{p.s. what is up with your hair? maybe you should wash it?" he.he}

Windy Ridge said...

I TOTALLY LOVE these! and you are beautiful:)

Cindy said...

Your daughter's question made me laugh out loud! While it is hilarious what comes from the mouths of definitely is NOT true!
~Cindy :o}

The Paris Apartment said...

This is the greatest tutorial ever!
Your pieces are fabulous!

[email protected] eco friendly homemaking said...

These are so cool looking! I agree I really like the ponytail.

A Vintage Vine said...

Well aren't you just clever! I love them, thanks for all the "how too's" the pony sassy!!

Heather Salazar said...

Very cute!!


HRH Sarah said...

That last bit was SO funny! I would never ever in a million years have my silhouette done, but I'm very impressed that yours is so good. You did a great job on this project, hope you enjoy them for a long long time.

Tiff said...

Oh wow! Those silhouettes look amazing! I am loving them at the moment too! Thanks for such a great tutorial! X

shopgirl said...

This is so awesome Melaine! Love it!

Little Miss Martha said...

Those look amazing!

Old Grammar Teacher said...

I love your blog and admire your talent and creativity, but I have noticed that you seem to be unsure about the plural of 'canvas.' It is simply 'canvases.' I'm sure that you tried this spelling and found that it just looks funny, and I would have to agree. Your grammar is usually excellent, which is one of the reasons that I enjoy your blog so much, so I'm hoping that you will take this small correction in the friendly, helpful manner that is intended.

designchic said...

The silhouettes are great, and you just got to love children - out of the mouth of babes...

Tessa said...

those turned out absolutely perfect! love!!

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke said...

Great silhouettes! As a photographer who likes to take silhouette shots, I always have girls pull their hair back into a ponlytail, I like the way it separates the hair from the neck. Just found your blog...can't wait to look around;)

TheRedQueen said...

Haven't made these since I was a kid! Thanks for the inspiration, I am going to make them with my kids. They will love it.

Maureen said...

Love, Love, Love!!!! I may have to steal this oh so fab idea, I feel a creative urge a happenin...

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