Friday, May 6, 2011

~probably more pictures than you care to see~

 I spent most of the day today at Ruffles and Rust Square with my friend Stephanie who did wonders in my area.
{thank you Stephanie!}
She has an eye for these things, and I do not. 
She spent about 3 hours moving things around, making cute groupings, and hanging things up.
As you can see in the photo above, she grouped all my vintage tablecloths in one basket.
And look at the cute vignette she made out of some candle holders, typography, and misc. other goodies.
 New to the store is a pair of these caned back chairs with vintage burlap seats. 
I also made one of my guest cottage signs.
 You can see a little of on the seat of the chair.
 This sweet white settee is still available!
I made a few more signs, including this one on a vintage cupboard door.
 Love this chippy old corbel!
 This sign I also painted on an old piece of wood with it's original chippy paint.
The chalkboard to the left has a great green color and the large sugar canister would look great in any cottage kitchen.
They are all sitting on a dresser I gave a new paint treatment too, and added vintage style knobs!
 Closeup of this adorable chalkboard~so cute in a kids room 
or even in a kitchen with your menu written on it!

 Lots and lots of vintage sheet music and these "beach" hooks for your beach towels!
 I have loved this family tin for many many years in my own home, but just don't have a good spot for it anymore.
 Hand made picture frames and chippy balustrades, as well as old rusty horseshoes
~a little of everything~
 This mirror was mine as well, for all of about 4 days.
Just didn't work out for me, but it might for you!
I have a friend that always teases me that I don't keep anything for longer than 10 minutes!
Sometimes true.
 I LOVE this coat hook made with vintage door knobs.
 Lots of misc. white dishes and ironstone.
 I have made a bunch more coasters and have included quite a few fun frames into the mix.
 Full sized shabby chic bed still available, as well as many pillows.
 I also just brought in a pair of these wood tables.
One is a little larger than the other. 
They are over 100 years old and have a great shape!
I left them the original wood which isn't really like me.
But, in this case I thought the wood was just too beautiful to cover up!
 And a few fresh cherry blossoms add a touch of spring!
If you live nearby, be sure to stop on in!
Some more of my favorite shops in Snohomish are:
Annie's On First
Faded Elegance
I hope I didn't bore you with all the photos!
Happy Mother's Day Weekend to all you moms out there!


[email protected] said...

Wow, you have a great looking and full booth. Great vignettes. Thanks for sharing.
- Joy

AntiqueChase said...

Eye candy... I see soo many things that I would love to have at my house!!

All That Jazz said...

Happy mother's day to you Melaine! I haven't had a chance to get up to R&R yet....I really want to things are just hectic for me with moving! Hopefully I can get up there before I leave the area, I love your goodies! ;-)

Vintage Market Place said...

your space looks great, full and fun.
I see so many things that I would love to have.
Too bad all the good shops are so far away from me :(

Unknown said...

such lovely photos...and want an awesome booth!!!

shopgirl said...

What a lovely collection of fun and treasured objects!

p.s. having two giveaways this week. Come drop by!
Rambles with Reese

Kandy said...


marga said...

I see a lot of beautifull bad for me you'r shop is a bit to far away for me since i live in the Netherlands LOL
Have a nice weekend

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

I love your booth and would love to shop there. All the vingettes are so pretty and you have so many pretty things.


Chez Zizi said...

Looks Great! I wish I lived near you.

Anonymous said...

well, i just did a google search and i am 3,000 miles away and it would take 2 days driving time. bummer. love all the goodies, would love to spend the day browsing and spending...happy mothers day to you.

Full Circle Creations said...

Love it. Wish I lived close by, I'd love to go shopping...

Anonymous said...

oh no... never too many pictures when there are as great as these. love it all.

BECKY said...

So much loveliness all in one place! Love it all! But that peach sign really caught my eye! Do you ever sell when a blogger sees something they like? If so, please email me at [email protected]

Thank you for sharing your goodies!!
Have a wonderful evening and Sunday!

Midwest Magnolia - Melissa Lewis said...

Your stuff is absolutely gorgeous! I would totally buy everything! Not too many pictures at all:) Happy Mothers Day!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

To many pictures?
No such thing :-)

Phyllis said...

Your booth is really great.....full of all things wonderful and special! I adore your creative ability to buy wisely and such good taste! If I lived near, you would most certainly see me shopping and smiling.

My Sweet June said...

Wow I want to go to this store so badly! I actually live in WA as well, & I now know I need to make a trip to Snohomish ASAP! Check out some of my design ideas on my blog!

mcgrathinnola said...

Love love love your goodies! Especially the coat you sell online and ship? email me: [email protected]

Kansas City Becki said...

Hello can I get one of those You Are My Sunshine Pillows??? [email protected]

Linda said...

Love all the eye candy. Too bad you are so far away. I would be your best customer. You don't see all that lovliness in one place.
We have two large antique fairs a year. Might get lucky at one of those.

Tammy said...

Your space looks beautiful. And aren't friends with the display talent such a joy to have. Mine is Liz. She always helps with my show display but was not here this show and my booth showed her absence..
Here's to great booth space and great friends who make them look their best.

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