Thursday, July 28, 2011

~the country girls flea market~

 Mark your calendars friends because there is a great flea market coming up you don't want to miss!
This one is in Sweet Home Oregon
{isn't that name the cutest?}
and is put on by twin sisters, Brandy and Amanda at one of their gorgeous homes.
 These photos are from last years show.
Not only will the country girls have a large supply of concrete urns, slip covered furniture, farm tables, linens, French market bags, linen pillows, and lots of furniture, but they will be joined by about 6 other vendors as well!

 Shop around outdoors while sipping on lavender lemonade and treats galore.
 Please check out the country girls blog for more information!


Karena said...

Oh how great Melaine, I can see how much fun it will be and really wish I could be there!

Art by Karena

Come and enter my $150 Giveaway from Dr Perricone!

Maxine said...

I love this concept!! I wish I could be there!!! Thanks for always posting "happy". That's what I Love about Martha Stewart, "it a good thing" reminding us there is always something to be happy about!!!Even in this economy!!

sweetpea said...

wow! what a great show! gorgeous stuff!



Deborah said...

Why oh why is it so far from Mississippi?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wishing myself there!

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