Saturday, July 2, 2011

~living room styling and a few new goodies~

 As I mentioned yesterday, my friend Stephanie came over and helped me style a few things in my house.
One area that I couldn't quite complete is this console table behind my sofa.
I love the table, it's really long and I got it at one of my favorite flea markets.
I recently got the sconces and mirror from Restoration Hardware 
{gotta love that outlet!} 
Well, Stephanie worked her magic and came up with a beautiful, rustic, simple display, perfect for summer!

 Just to the right of our fireplace is this little table that houses all our television components.
{it's twin is on the opposite side of the fireplace and houses dvd's, wii remotes, etc. and our parakeets call the top of it their home~ in their cage of course!}
On top she used the oil of the ship I found at a thrift store recently, a old globe {love decorating with these} and a few candlesticks and flowers in a old glass jar.
 She also visually expanded the space by adding my wood cherubs to the wall behind the sofa.
You might remember them from this post.
I also added a cowhide rug and switched out my wood "trunk" coffee table for these ottomans.
I recently had the pair recovered in grain sacks I bought from here.

 A and  D Upholstery did a great job on these.
Angie from A and D is also the one that did these chairs in my dining room.
If you are local and want her info. just shoot me an email.
She is very affordable, professional, and best of all, fast!
{she did these in 3 days}
 She used the left over grain sack material on the reverse for the welting. The darker color is a nice contrast to the lighter color. 
Because I ran short on grain sack material and only had enough to do the welting and the tops, we used inexpensive drop cloth material for the sides. 
She finished them off with a heavy coat of upholstery grade protectant so that when Cody eats his corn dogs with ketchup on them, I won't have a heart attack.
 The grain sacks are different, but they are both German and have a faded grey design and lettering. One is full of patches, which I think gives it so much character. 
The other one I simply chose because it has the number 3 on it and that is "our" favorite number. :)
I think having these large ottomans together as a coffee 
table actually visually make the room appear larger. 
And that's all for today folks, I am off as I promised my daughter a trip to the mall today.....
Happy weekend!


[email protected] said...

Love all your new goodies ... The room looks fantastic! The ottomans are really unique and real statement pieces.
I need a great upholstery girl! Three days? She's awesome. : )
Have a great 4th,

the old white house said...

It all looks wonderful! I love the idea of having a girlfriend come over and help me tweek a few spaces around here! t. xoxooxo

[email protected] Stroll Thru Life said...

Gorgeous room. I love her vignette she did on the sofa table. It is stunning. She is very talented and the mix of rustic and elegant just makes it. Hugs, Marty

Laurie said...

Stephanie did a great job on the sofa table display. Perfect for summer! The ottomans are great and the rug... thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

LOVE IT!! Your accessories are gorgeous, I am lovin your new mirror and sconces!! Have a great weekend, Martina

TheCrankyCrow said...

Tres gorgeous! Love the upholstery - wish she lived around these parts! And I love Stephanie's display - especially the old fishing floats and how everything ties in with the "sea" kind of theme! Beautiful! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Between You and Me said...

your living area looks the ottomans...I mean LOVE them.

Mélanie A. said...

It is fantastic to be abble to be helped by a girlfriend . Everything looks perfect .

Miss Kitty said...

Love, love, love your room and everything in it! Thanks for sharing those great really helps me to see how others pull together elements to make intersting vignettes, wall groupings, and furntiture placement

laxsupermom said...

Everything looks wonderful! You have some amazing pieces to work with and your friend made some terrific suggestions! It's always nice to have a fresh set of eyes to help with the little tweaks. Thanks for sharing.

Mona Kay Gorman said...

I need your friend to help me re-style some of my vignettes! You both did a beautiful job. I love the grain sack upholstery too...

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Looks awesome Melaine!
The shell grouping and layers are fantastic.
Thanks for sharing!

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Too SUBLIME for words!!!!!!! I adore your styling and the display on the console table is DIVINE!!!!!!! Hugs from an old farmhouse in England filled with French brocante!

Christine Marie Studio said...

I am so inspired by the ottomans! Those are fantastic!

Pearl said...

Love it all!


under spanish moss said...

Dear Melanie,

What great ideas...and some that were even on sale! I love to change up spaces when time permits.
We hope you had a wonderful fourth of july!

Renee and Angela

under spanish moss said...

Dear Melanie,

What great ideas...and some that were even on sale! I love to change up spaces when time permits.
We hope you had a wonderful fourth of july!

Renee and Angela

chachamisu said...

Great styling, looks casual but stylish and clean still, love it Oya, and the beautiful accent that doesn't look clutter, good idea

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