Tuesday, September 27, 2011

~the most inspiring house and a one kings lane sale~

 My friend Heather and her husband have made almost everything in their home.
You would never know that this is a new construction.
Every corner of her house is filled with eye candy, I could stay for hours. 
{You can find the stay awhile print here}
 She has a great eye for antique pieces and uses them in a non conventional way.
For example: this vanity is in her entryway.
She made the sign above herself!
 She found this fabulous wallpaper, but there was only a small amount.
So, she got clever and added the wainscoting!
 She turned an area that used to be built in shelving into a unique desk area complete with chalkboard on the wall turned into a calendar!
 Heather also made this dairy sign after seeing one she liked at the Barn House Boys flea market.
I love how she turned the books around on the mantle~genius!
 Her husband and her made this clock out of a discarded table top!
 There is vintage lighting everywhere.
 Loving this "faux" fireplace!
 Here is a clever way to hold paper towels.
 An old cart holds serving pieces in the kitchen.
 Heather has used old windows all over her house as picture frames.
Instead of getting expensive mattes cut, she simply uses white poster board as backing, or sometimes, white denim fabric.
 Here's a project I'm going to do! 
She used materials from the hardware store to make this rail system 
to hold her photos going up the stairs.
See that fabulous rug at the bottom of the stairs under the dining table?
It's a inexpensive drop cloth she painted stripes on!
 They added on a "cinema" over the garage, complete with apothecary jars filled with goodies.
 Here's a clever way to store dog food!
The dog bowl sits below on the ground.
 This wreath she made after seeing a tutorial on my blog.
It turned out so cute, and I love the red ticking hanger!
 This is a better picture of the dining room. 
She also made the slipcovers for the chairs.
 In the landing upstairs she has a great collection of old first aid kits for a pop of color.

 Here is her little bit of Halloween decorating, she admits she doesn't go all out for Halloween.
Subtle, but the mouse scared me! :)
 Close up of the clock they made.

Attached to the cinema is a kids play space.

 The sofa table is made from vintage balusters and old doors. 
Her husband made the book rack too.

 This is at the chalkboard calendar she made in her nook. 
 Vintage desk accessories.

 Clever storage for bills and paperwork.
 She purchased this piece at Farm Chicks and turned it into lighting for her covered back porch!
Her next step is to make it into a heat lamp for those chilly nights.

 Guest bath with retro fitted cabinet.

 The seat of her desk chair she covered in leftover fabric scraps.
 Magazine storage on a cute chippy ladder.
 Pretty darn fabulous huh? 
I think country living should be knocking on her door any day now!
And in other news, my friend Janette Mallory is having a sale
 over at one kings lane today! Head on over to check it out!
I'll be back tomorrow with a interview with Heather, so if you have any questions, leave them in the comments section!


Annie & Brittany said...

I LOVE her playroom sofa table! Can you post a better picture? One that shows the feet? Maybe she'd be willing to share how she made it?

jessica said...

I would love to know how she made her drop cloth rug. What type of paint she used, if she sealed it. Also how it holds up!! I would to make one for my dining room, but have been wondering about those things!! Thanks in advance! Love her house, and the chalkboard calendar!

Michele @ {Primp} said...

love your friends home--thanks for sharing!

Between You and Me said...

LOVE every detail of her home....thanks for sharing...can't wait to read your interview with her. :)

[email protected] said...

Eye candy for certain! I just love the first aid boxes! I don't think her friends will ever want to leave. Thank you for sharing, Sally x

SoSoBella said...

love this. love the junk storage. love it all though, really. just great!

Nellene said...

What is that dog food stored in? I want to do that in my house! Looks amazing but is practical!

Teresa said...

Love every handmade bit of it! It inspires me to get even more creative with my DIY projects!

I second the question about the beautiful drop cloth rug!

Fresh Vanilla For C said...

Love the first aid kits!
Have a great day!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Wowza. Her home is beautiful. I love all the personal touches like the clock and rug. I've made rugs like those before. It's a labor of love. Thanks for sharing. Definitely magazine worthy.

[email protected] said...

This is a beautiful post, Melanie. Lately, it seems everyone is getting inspired by these warm whites...they are everywhere! So toasty and rustic for fall. I thought the first aid kits were unique and eye catching! [email protected]

Karen said...

Thank you for sharing your friend's home. I so much enjoy your blog :-) I would like details on how she made the amazing clock and if it actually tells time.
Thank you :-)

Soulful Mama said...

Amazing! Every tiny little detail! Such a labour of love. A wonderful inspiration.

~ Clare x

Barb said...

Does she have a blog? If not, she should! If so, please provide a link. Thanks!

TheCrankyCrow said...

I love this post Melaine! And am some serious house love!! Such great pieces so creatively repurposed and individualized! My favorite, though, has to be the flour bin dog food dispenser!! LOVE that!! Thanks so much for sharing...And this home most definitely belongs in a magazine!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Jody said...

I LOVE the chalkboard calendar. I MUST MAKE THIS!! I have 4 young boys - pleeasse - show us a closer up pic & where did she find the clay tags that hang on it??! etsy???


Love your blog. Thanks for always inspiring!!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog so much, but oh my, her and her husband! Eek!! Her didn't make the clock, she did.
I'm really not snotty, but that's like fingernails on a chalkboard.
Again, love you and your blog! :)

Laura said...

LOVE your house! My husband hates anything "old" so I could never have it. :) Thanks for showing us. You have some seriously clever things in there and I love to see wise use.

Sew a Fine Seam said...

What loveliness! Love the way she did those 'fireplaces'!

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