Wednesday, October 26, 2011

~a readers dining room transformation~

 I recently did a design consultation on a dining room.
The first photo shows the before.
The second photo shows the "in progress"
A huge difference don't you think? 
I suggested this chandelier from Lowes and bamboo blinds.
I also suggested a round table as it suits the space better. 
The old table was a bit too high and the chandelier was dated. 
The wall color stayed the same.
She still needs to get a rug to ground everything.
This is the one I suggested.
For a more formal look she could also add drapes. 
These ones would be fun.
 I thought it would be fun to 
"set the table" 
for the holidays, so I came up with a little design board to help her do that!
I think it will add a little flair, but still keep it simple and family friendly,
 which is what she is going for!
From left to right
*Gilt chargers from Pottery Barn~these would be great at Christmas too!
*Bountiful salad turkey plates from Pottery Barn.
*Sandwiched in between the chargers and the salad plates,
 these rustic cream dinner plates I found on Amazon.
*Orleans glassware from Ballard Designs
*Grain sack table runner on etsy seller grainsack
*Centered on the table, a Tuscan urn from Pottery Barn {the largest one in the photo}
*Harvest napkins from Pottery Barn
*and finally, mix matched silverware from etsy seller tent for two
I would fill the urn with either fresh seasonal flowers, such as sunflowers or dahlias, or make an arrangement out of twigs, pheasant feathers, and faux sunflowers.
If you are in need of a design consultation, please email me at
$75.00 per room


Jenny said...

I may have to purchase those lovely drapes myself! Beautiful!!

Kathy said...

What a difference Melaine, great job your good!

Anonymous said...

It looks really great Melanie ~ a beautiful transformation...and love the items you picked out for the table setting especially the Pottery Barn urn!

{Emily} said...

I absolutely love the light fixture! Do you happen to have a link to it or know the name of it? I'm scrolling through Lowe's website with no luck but I think it needs to come live at my house!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Wonderful rebirth....Amazing what just a few changes can do....would love to see it with that gorgeous rug and and tableware you've selected. Bet the homeowner was thrilled! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Anonymous said...

Is that black table C&B or Pottery Barn? love it! Good job!

nannykim said...

ah, I had to laugh because I have a copy of that chandelier--the old one and we are planning on getting rid of it this coming month!

B said...

Love the light but can't find it on the Lowe's website. Can you give me the name of it?

emoosh said...

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