Thursday, December 29, 2011

~the evolution of a wall~

 This post is a bit embarrassing.
I was on pinterest last night and clicked on the words 
"my sweet savannah" 
A few photos came up of our home and I had to laugh at all the
 different ways our living room wall has changed!
I seem to not be able to sit still.
The photo above was taken right after I painted the cedar walls.
 I was going for a simple clean lake side beach look.

 Then came fall and I changed out the books in the wire basket for pumpkins and gourds.
I added pillows to the couch with a bit more color, and had pops of color in mums and dahlias. 
I must have taken down the oar because it was a bit too beachy for fall.
 Then came the collage look.
I loved this, don't know why I changed it actually! 
The photo above shows a sunburst mirror in the center.
I liked it for all of about a week and then thought it looked a bit too blingy.
So, I made these signs instead. 
I thought it fit in perfect with all of our family photos.
 Then I went to this place called Restoration Hardware {ever heard of it?}
and got sucked in.
I walked out with a new mirror and 2 new sconces.
I guess I was going for a little bit of a natural/rustic look here.

Now we have a current photo.
There's a place in my brain that shouts symmetry and order and other crazy things
which brought me to this wall display.
I REALLY love this one!
I blogged about it before, how I got my hands on old Crystal Lake photos,
 {our neighborhood}
from the early 1900's, and copied them and framed them in Ikea Ribba frames.
So, heres my question to you.
Am I the only one that does this?
Please say I am not alone!


Fiona, Lilyfield Life said...

Hi Melanie, so funny. is that over a single year? That's a lot of redecorating especially as they all look great. Isn't blogging a great way to keep a record and look back at what you've achieved.
Happy new year
Cheers Fiona

Dianne said...

Where are thse beautiful sconces now from RH?

Unknown said...

My question is: do you use those 3M strips or something else? I never tend to put anything on our walls because of plaster/nailholes so I chicken out...I have tons of frames and art piling up...
ps-i love each and every way you've arranged the wall :)

Kelly said...

If I knew how to decorate as good as you I'd be doing that too! all of the looks are amazing, love the last two the most though:)

Megan said...

nope you're not the only one! glad to know I'm not the only one either!


Catherine said...

I wish I had your talent to change out my walls as often as you do! I love all of the looks but the last two are my favorites!

the decorating chica said...

I totally understand. I am constantly switching out my walls and changing things. Always looks great!

Lulu and Co. said...

yep i do it too! its great to look back and see what you've done!

Curious Details said...

Are you KIDDING??? My fireplace is the victim here. It's a fun kind of sickness to have though!

The Yellow Cape Cod said...

You're not alone. Everytime you change things up you inspire all of us to change something :) Happy New Year, Melaine.


raggygirlvintage said...

I think about doing it, you actually get it done! Thanks for the inspiration!

Passionate for White said...

Nope, you are not alone! And my favorite is the very first picture with the oar.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness no, you are definitely not alone! My husband comes home to a whole new room at least a few times a month. It's been like that for the past 18 years of our marriage. I just can' t decide on one look, there is just too many places to find inspiration now, especially through blogs and Pinterest!
Love all of your looks though, it keeps things fresh and fun.
Wishing you a Happy New Year.

foreverdecorating said...

The funny thing is, I love each and every look. I sometimes wish I could change out looks even more than I do or have more walls to do this kind of thing on. Oh to pick just one is too hard.

Anonymous said...

I love them all!

It is an addiction and I too go to Restoration Hardware for therapy so you're not alone.

Have a good one!


Elsie said...

Omg Its a sickness lol.I change things just as often im always just siting in a room and get the urge to change something. My husband is always getting frustrated because I always have to patch holes.

rachel said...

You are DEFINITELY not alone! And your most recent wall is my fave of them all too!


the vintage bricoleur said...

Your oar from the first photo would fit in perfect with what you have displayed currently. It would sort of bring your decorating full circle. I love every display you had, I think it is just something we women do, it is called "Fluffing our Nest". Terry from The Vintage Bricoleur

Jacqueline said...

I wish I had the nerve, but I get nervous sometimes when it comes to putting nails in walls. Maybe in 2012 I will let go of that fear...

[email protected] home said... is like reading the story of my family room wall! It has changed so many times and I am about to put up a post of the newest makeover!! I wish I had good photos of the begining of the wall!

trump said...

Looks nice and cozy and warm, happy new years folks and good health to all. Richard

Jacqui said...

Hi Melanie, everything is gorgeous!
I tend to re-decorate around a single new purchase. One thing can make me change a whole room!!

[email protected] said...

This is seriously all I do in my house. My husband seriously calls it "the Scavenger Hunt" because he never knows where things will end up. Even my niece has asked "wait..wasn't this in the bedroom???" I find that I get weird when I can't change things around and I LOVE shopping my own home!

You are not alone! And everything that you've done looks amazing!

Paula said...

My favorite picture is the one with the Sunburst mirror.....

The enchanted home said...

All this in a year? And ironically they are ALL spectacularly beautiful!! You are quite the wall artist:) You should write a book....lots of people could learn from you!

lindaharre said...

My only question is......what about all the nail holes:( I love it now, but loved the one above as well.

Kelli Herrington said...

I love how I am not the only one who changes things like crazy. I love all the looks I think you are so creative and these photos prove my point!

Unknown said...

I do the same thing. I can't seem to let things stay the same for too long. I really love the old photo's that you have up now. It always has looked great but I love it now!

Unknown said...

You are not alone but you do it so very well. I am still struggling with some photo walls but at least now I have a few new frames to work with (Christmas presents.) Happy New Year, Melaine.

Beth said...

I love it!!! I am soooooooo like this! I'm just glad to know I'M not alone! My husband thinks I'm crazy, but finally after 5 years, he's learned to except it:) I look at things DAILY and want to change them! I sometimes wish I didn't have this weird obsession, but it makes me happy all at the same time! Love all the ways you did your wall, and I absolutely need a bench like that one behind your couch! LOVE it~

Kathy said...

Ok what did you do with those sconces.....LOVE those

Lilla Blanka said...

Hi Melanie,

It looks lovely, always .. ♥

Wishing you a Happy New Year ♥

PS yup, I´m the same ;)

Unknown said...

Nope not the only one...I do it not only with wall arrangments but I also rearrange furniture all the time too!
My hubby kind of hates it, but he loves that I make our house a home so I guess its ok. Its a fun, wonderful sickness to have!!! LOL

Between You and Me said...

you are absolutely not alone.

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

I love them all, but the rustic RH one is my favorite! Kinda of Ralph Lauren. I was wondering if having a "space" at Ruffles & Rust would cure your urge to redecorate at home as much (since you could just redo your shop space....) but I think it might contribute to it the other way, LOL!
Happy New Year!!!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Ha! You are not alone.

Tessa said...

love them all! and i couldn't resist pinning two!! :) happy, happy new year to you!!!

xo, melanie

Tasha B. said...

People enter my house and say, "You changed everything!" I say, "I did?" They tell me what I changed and I say, "Oh yeah, that was bugging me!" You are definitely not the only one. =) PS: LOVE your spot at R&R!!

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