Thursday, January 19, 2012

~around the house~

 Just a few shots from around the house today.
I am having fun playing house since I am stranded at home due to all the snow!
I got this marble soap dish at an estate sale.
 I love it with the big chunky soap in it.
 This scale was a thrift store find. 
I love it's patina.
 This corbel has been kicking around forever. 
I decided to add it to the white dishes on my dining room shelves and I love it there.
If this little bucket could talk I'm sure it would have many stories to tell.
His big brother is available in my etsy shop.
For now, I am going to store my silver flatware in it.
 I have never seen such a simple tray.
That is what caught my eye when I saw this at a thrift shop.
It's simple, and petite and I love the history on it.
It was once used on a Pan Am airline. 
Food was served to passengers on these.
Can you imagine getting your food served on a silver tray on an airline now days?
This last tray was a simple unfinished wood when I bought it. 
A coat of black paint and a little stenciling brought it up to date.
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Kathy said...

love your trays...burrr we are cold here in Gig Harbor too...did you hear coastal living just named us #1 harbor, yipeeeee

Sunflowers With Smiles said...

Love your finds! No, I cannot imagine being served on silver trays on airlines....HA!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Oh that plain little tray would make a great blackboard painted the inside with blackboad paint.... and the silver frame...lovely words on it...

[email protected] said...

the marble soap dish and chunky soap are beautiful. i am a marble addict. something about the simple white and gray. very pretty.

The Yellow Cape Cod said...

Beautiful photography and cool stuff!

Full Circle Creations said...

Love your pictures. And that tray is fab!


Anonymous said...

Can you believe all this snow!! We are completely stranded I can't leave my neighborhood, no kitchen, we are eating camping style with a propane stove, real safe I'm sure!

Thank you for posting such pretty pictures, it helps me from going stir crazy!!!!


[email protected]' said...

Love, love the trays! But I WANT the vintage scale! Thanks for sharing!!

Unknown said...

So inspiring. Thanks!

Fancy said...

Love it all! I have a couple of those scales myself. <3

Claudia said...


Love your pics....we are hoping for snow soon here in New England!
Love the first pic.
Have a good weekend.

Kristen Whitby said...

Cute finds! Your airline tray comment cracks me up... especially considering now-a-days you're lucky to get a package of peanuts!
Good Job, super cute! Love all of your white layers!
{ Kristen }

Leah - The Inside Story said...

Loving these pics from around your home. Just lovely!! Leahx

Unknown said...

Love the trays...snow?? It's in the 70
's here!

Bristol said...

Love all the rust and texture!

Unknown said...

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