Sunday, January 22, 2012

~a canvas wall idea~

I have loved the look of black and white canvas' for a long time now.
I saw this photo here, and I knew I had to do the same thing~somewhere!
If you look on my left hand sidebar there is a link to for a very special canvas deal for my sweet savannah readers. You too can have your own canvas wall without breaking the bank.
Click on my daughters photo to take you there!
{p.s. you don't have to have black and white photos, the link lets you convert them to either black and white or sepia. Hooray!}


Patti said...

I am so glad I saw your original post about Canvas People. I love b/w canvases, too and have been very happy with the quality and service they provide. Love this large grouping - that is one thing I struggle with. Always looking for ideas on how to display my canvases.

gatherings home said...

Hi Melaine!

Been a long time. I visit your blog all the time though (got to keep up :) I've been trying to make a re-entry into the blogging thing. It's hard not to find you such an inspiration! Hope to see you out and about soon.


~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

That is lovely!!! :))

Mindy said...

This looks wonderful!

[email protected]' said...

Lovely way to display canvases! Totally in love with B&W photos! So classic!!

[email protected]' said...

Lovely way to display canvases! Totally in love with B&W photos! So classic!!

coupons said...

~a canvas wall idea~
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kygirl1995 said...

What size are these?

sleeper sofa said...

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My Sweet Savannah
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personyoga said...

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Jayden Daniel said...

Such a beautiful post. Love your canvas printing decorated wall. My friend have similar design in the lounge. I love reading your sweet savannah post, so pretty.

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