Friday, January 27, 2012

~lanterns on my mind~ {and a winner}

 Feel like helping a girl out?
 I am in search of a lantern to hang over our dining table.
I've been looking for a while now, but have yet to find the perfect one.
{ To follow my lantern board on Pinterest, click here.}
Here's the scoop:

1~It needs to be large.

2~It needs to house candles,
 as I don't have electricity in that area.
 If I as my husband to do another project,
 I may end up a lonely old lady.

3~The finish needs to match our pottery barn chandelier below, which has a dark finish. 
{it's in the adjoining living room}

and last but not least....

4~It can't break the bank.

So, any tips?

I am up to painting anything, however, I'm not up to removing 
wiring and completely getting in over my head on a project.

If you have any sources for me, or have any great ideas, please email me 

or leave me a comment!

Now, the winner of the stencil giveaway is.....

The writer of the blog Dieringer Diaries!

Thanks y'all!


Anonymous said...

Hey my dear

An idea for you?

I had a similar issue in my bathroom, I wanted a chandelier above my tub but the hubby didn't want to re wire it from can to regular so I just hung the light without actually being wired.

It looks nice and no one would ever know, plus it can be changed out very easily, although I know I would never change my mind and want something diffrient, lol.

This might give you a lot more options because I know I don't see many large candle lanterns.

Have a good one!


[email protected] said...

I too love the look of lanterns and found one at a garage sale for $3 and it now hangs proudly in my living room.
Saw this post a few days ago....check it out.

colleen said...

ok 1st thought was hunt thrift stores and restore. 1]take an electric lantern make into candle 2] i bought one of those old silver cassrole things $1.00 saw on pinterest they had used something similar and had spoons around it you could put candles in the dish would be soooo unique 3] last yr end of summer got a huge wicker lantern at target $15.00 could hang it from the handle reinforced 4] i have seen some great light/candoliers from wire baskets.i think you could do any of these ideas under $20.00 good luck

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

Find ANY large lantern that you like...regardless of finish. Buy yourself a can of Rustoleum's ORB - it will match perfectly with your other fixture!
Oh, and I was just in TJ Maxx the other day and they had a LARGE candle lantern that was pretty dang cool :)
Happy hunting!

Kristel said...

I recently bought the farmhouse lantern from a pottery barn store. I don't see ot online though. Ever since I bought it, I have seen many in antiques stores. Good luck, I love lanterns at this moment!

colleen said...

how about a bird cage?[one of those vintage ones] could paint it to match. glass in bottom to set candles on . most have a false floor you could replace with glass.

Unknown said...

If you like vintage, try the online auctions in your area. I go to and look for the online auctions. Just last week there were two on an auction near me but that auction has ended. I generally get awesome deals at these auctions.

Anonymous said...

You might check my Pinterest board, Lighting, that has a diy about turning a French laundry basket into a great chandelier. Pottery Barn now has the French laundry basket and with your savvy ways you could do this! Check Eloise in Pinterest.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar problem and found one in my Country Living magazine....

I will have to look up which month for you, I just love it and the price was unreal, I think it was October but I will double check

Kathy :)
[email protected]

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