Friday, February 24, 2012

~PVE designs winner~

Popping in real quick to let you know the winner of the PVE Designs giveaway!
You can find the winner here!
Savannah had some teeth pulled this morning and is under the weather still, meaning I just got done mopping up throw up.........aren't you envious of me right now? :)
Happy Friday friends!


Anonymous said...

I think I loved it when I got to have my teeth pulled When I was young -even with the nausea, because my mom got to stay home with me. You are a good mama! Mop and all;)

Jen said...

Hahaha, I couldn't figure out why I was getting so much traffic from your site! YEAH! I never even win a free ticket in the scratch off lottery!!That made my week.. I too am cleaning up after a sick toddler :( Thank you and hope Savannah is feeling better soon.

Coupons said...

PVE designs winner~
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Melaine Thompson said...

Jen-pls send me your address! [email protected]

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