Thursday, May 10, 2012

~can you have too much of a good thing?~ {I don't think so}

The other night I was invited by my friend Cindy,
 who owns Haley's Cottage,
to attend an event at her friends house.
 I had never met the owner of he house but had been to her home before.
Her home was part of  a "Christmas tour" a few years back,
 and when I heard she was having a fun girls evening I signed right up!

Since going there we have chatted a few times via email and what not. 
I just couldn't get her home out of my mind, so I got up the nerve to email her and ask if I could come take some pictures to share with you all.
She is seriously one of the kindest people I have ever met. 
Totally gracious and very down to earth. 
I was really nervous going over there because she's kinda big stuff around here, she used to be a local news anchor.
Here's a little background on her from her blog:
Monica Hart is a Lifestyle and Design Specialist based in the Pacific Northwest. Inspired by a love of old-world home and garden design, entertaining, and rustic, earthy meals, Monica’s distinct approach led this former television news gal to create La Famiglia Design, a blog showcasing her daily heartfelt reflections on home and lifestyle inspiration tailored for contemporary times.
After spending more than a decade in the broadcasting business, the bulk of that at Seattle-based KIRO-TV, Monica stepped away from television news to pursue a different passion – raising a family. Along the way, she found herself entertaining, designing and building her dream home and garden.
Inspired by her Italian-born grandmother Nettie’s gift of making everything simply beautiful, Monica mirrors her love of food and traditional rustic lifestyle, by incorporating the aesthetic into her home and garden designs, cooking, and entertaining – all with a modern twist, providing a fresh take on Northwest home life.

Yesterday I went over there and we had a blast.
It was a fairly sunny day so it made for some good picture takin'
So, back to my post title......
can you have too much of a good thing?
Nope, not in my eyes!
I think this will be the longest post I've ever done, but I think you will find her home as enticing as I did!

A HUGE thank you to Monica for opening up your home to me and being so kind, and for sharing your home with all my readers! 
Be sure to check out her blog too!

Here we go......
This is the entrance to her beautiful home on the water~

And walking through the front door you see.........

 The table below is just to the left as you walk in, next to her husbands office.
 This picture is kinda fuzzy, sorry, but I thought it was gorgeous.
These frames sit atop the grand piano, also in the entry.

To the right of the entrance is the formal living room....

As you turn to the right you are taken down a long wide hallway.........

 There is a built in bar area to the right, not shown in the photos.
As you go down a couple steps you face this gorgeous view of the lake. 
This entire side of the house is glass!

Can you handle any more?!?!

To the left of the stairs is the family room......

 I loved the vignette on this sofa table, can you tell? :)
The little moss succulent pots are from Trader Joe's.

 There is lavender everywhere!

In between the family room and the kitchen, just at the bottom of the stairs, is a informal table topped with linen.

Are you ready to see the kitchen?

 Her kitchen was in a magazine, you can read about it here.

Right behind the kitchen is the butlers pantry......

 Ina Garten has nothing on her!
 This pantry cabinet is my favorite!
Monica designed it so the center portion can roll away, leaving access to the electrical panel!

Just behind the butlers pantry is a teeny tiny bathroom......

 I am in love with this sink!
Here is an interesting fact~
Monica acted as the general contractor on this build~wow!

On the other side of the kitchen is the dining room with bar area.....
It has soaring 2 story ceilings and windows, again looking out onto the lake.

Let's go in the backyard!

and finally, a view from the end of the dock......

Wasn't that fun?
Glad you could all see it too.
What do you think? 
Fabulous right?
Thanks again Monica.
Be sure to check out her blog.


KSO said...

Beautiful home - love the outdoor spaces, thanks for sharing! Hope girls night was fun

bec said...

wow amazing!!... I have checked out her blog and her gardening images are devine. x

Helen said...

Lve, love, love! Thank you for sharing! i live looking at beautiful homes!

Cousin B said...

Wow, you just made my day! Thanks for sharing this and thanks to Monica! I can see her love all over the house, but that KITCHEN!!! I'm still drooling....

Holly Heinz said...

Oh my stars - my life has just been changed !!! Thank you for this dreamy, fabulous tour! Inspiration overload...I don't know what to do first?!? Xoxoxoxo, holly

Monica Hart said...

To say 'thank you'...simply isn't enough! I appreciate this so much. Loved spending the morning with you! You are so genuine & talented and your post, tour and images are more than I could have hoped for.

Lynne said...

So glad to know all is well beautiful with Monica. She was a wonderful anchor.

Thank you for sharing "the sweet life" that she has created so we may be further inspired when creating our own.

A brilliant post, Melaine.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I am in love with this beautiful home! It is just my style! Thank you so much for the wonderful tour Melaine and thank you Monica for opening your gorgeous home up to us!!

trump said...

Im a sucker for a really nice fire place, and this home has that............Id like to invite everyone to a post I've just published honoring the TV show "Big Valley", and also actor Peter Breck. Included with this post are 2 personal recipes that was sent to me by Peters wife Diane, so please stop by and say hello and share your memories of this classic TV show. Richard

Anonymous said...

your picutres are amazing, great job!!


Anonymous said...

if only I could spell....
pictures :)


Janie said...

WOW! speechless..........

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! ....can you find out where she got the biscotti cookie on their tiered stand on the kitchen counter, and the little crown cookie holder - too cute!

Unknown said...

When selecting as well as arranging out your home it might be helpful to attempt to suit a utility sink to the combination.

susan said...

Oh My, beautiful! What a lucky lady she is!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love this house-- seriously every little thing about it!! The kitchen (especially the view from the kitchen windows) couldn't be better!

Room to Inspire said...

Melaine (and Monica) - Looks great!


Mindy said...

Lovely home with such attention to detail. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

Carla said...

Love the back of the house. That whole wall of windows...What a view. You did great on all the pictures inside. Very nice house. Thanks for sharing

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