Saturday, May 5, 2012

~m & m antiques and my blog list~

First of all, is anyone else in blogger having trouble with their blog list?
Mine has been cut in half and I swear I didn't do it!
When I go to fix it, they are all there.......
No, if you normally see your blog on there and you don't now, 
I didn't cut you out, I'm working on fixing it!

M & M Antiques is a antique store in Monroe Washington.
It has just moved locations, right down the street to a bigger venue and it is to die for!
I got a sneak peek the other day and I took some photos to share with you!
If you are going to the Ruffles and Rust Vintage Market this coming weekend, 
{and the Crystal Lake garage sale of course!}

M and M Antiques is now located at:
123 North Lewis Street Monroe, WA. 98272.
Their hours are M-Sa~ 11~6
Sun~ 11~5

The list of vendors has grown with the increase in building size and there is something for everyone!



Unknown said...

Oh, how sad for me. I only live about an hour away from Monroe if ONLY I didn't have an extended family get together this weekend...I might need to head to M&M antiques during the week! ;)

Unknown said...

So what did you get?

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Melaine! We're all excited! And...exhausted ;)
Deb @ Garden Party

NicNacManiac said...

Oh my goodness, I just want to reach into my screen and grab all of this goodness for myself!!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Happened to me with the bloglist too, now I can't add anyone, it happened before and corrected itself now it's back again!
What beautiful, chippy things, wish I lived closer.")

Barbara said...

If it helps my blog list is working fine. You could try removing it and readding it.

I wish blogger would fix the label functions. It always seems to be little things.

Such a sweet shop, I adore those Ball jars... and that soft green chair...

Ormolulu said...

Hi Melaine . . . thanks so much for the wonderful post for M & M!!!! I saw a few Ormolulu pics in there and really love them! The shop will be staying open late on Friday night until 9:00 p.m. Hope to see ya soon!

xo Debi

P.S. Sorry I'm late in sending this message--been working overtime!!!

Unknown said...

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