Monday, May 21, 2012

~me likey~

I have always been drawn to cowhides, and have had a few.
But lately I have really been wanting a zebra hide.
I'm sure it grosses some of you out, but I love them, especially layered over natural rugs like sisal.

Problem is, they are soooo expensive!
I know you can buy cowhides dyed to look like zebras, but I still haven't found one in my price range.
Any tips or hints?

 Years ago I had one.
Some friends of ours were getting rid of it.
They had hunted it themselves in Africa and made it into a rug.
Problem is, it had a head on it, and even though I tried to make it work, it freaked me out every time I looked at it.
We ended up giving it away to a college kid who hung it on his dorm wall.

 Anyone know of anyone selling one?
I'd love to know!
My favorite image of all is from none other than Cote De Texas~big surprise!

I don't have a giveaway this week~sorry!
We are actually leaving town Wednesday through Monday for a camping trip.
~Have a great Monday~


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but they are simply not ethical. As beautiful as they are they look much better on the Zebra.

Jana Johnson Label said...

If I would have known earlier I could have picked one up for you in Africa... :)When I came back from my trip I noticed I wasn't on your blog roll anymore... as you know many of my visits came from your awesome blog... :) If you are adding stores again I would love to be there. Have a super fun time at Farm Chicks...I can't go this year...bummer.

Donna Reyne' said...

It's a fun daughter loves zebra prints on pillows and such.
Have a great time at the event!

SeaWorthy said...

I have my sources..

Anonymous said...

How do you figure out how to layer rugs? I am not into animal myself but I do like the look of the layered rugs but I don't know how to do it. Suggestions?

[email protected]

Joanne B. said...

I love the look, but I am against using the natural hide of a beautiful animal that should still be ON the animal. I am not one of "those people" who is crazy about animal rights, etc. I personaly think it is selfish for a beautiful animal to die because someone wants its hide to grace their floor. We may need to eat beef (a burger is my favorite food)and wear shoes (more 'killing cows') etc, but this just seems a bit superflouous. Sorry- just my opinion. Can't you find the look of zebra?

gatherings home said...

There are plenty of resources for natural hide (not necessarily Zebra) out there Melaine. Try these guys They sell on Ebay as well.

Sounds like your going to get a little flack for this post. I for one would find it a bit hypocritical for anyone to leave a negative comment when most couldn't say they didn't own a pair of leather shoes, purse, wallet, or coat at least at some point in their lifetime. If we eat beef (which most of us do) why not be respectful of the animal...not only being less wasteful, but indeed, paying homage to its beauty?

Unknown said...

They are unique but I'd go for the faux if you can find one since the real thing is so costly. Have fun camping!

xo Kristle

Anonymous said...

Oh Melaine... please reconsider! You can surely find this "look" without using an animals skin... I know you are compassionate about your dogs - please be compassionate about other animals as well... find a faux rug - then show us all about it - still love your blog but really this is 2012 - "real" people use "faux" items :)

Anonymous said...

How about truly showing your love for this animal AND a truly creative genius by PAINTING zebra stripes on rug sized canvas?

I think there are even stencils available for just such a project, and if you are the least bit artistic you can feather and shade it to be a beautiful hand painted zebra area rug...

Anonymous said...

This is not ethical... sorry. Last time I checked, we don't eat zebra so no reason to have their coat.

Carla said...

A zebra rug with the head would most definitely freak me out too.

I'd go faux but even that isn't cheap.

Anonymous said...

And I've just stopped following this blog now :( As a vegetarian and animal rights activist, I am sickened by this.

Anonymous said...

They are sold on Beyond the Rack. Depending on the size you want, they are reasonably priced. They have different kinds of animal prints. Check it daily because they are on there every couple of weeks along with the pillow.... Good Luck

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

i too need one, let me know if you find one :)

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