Friday, May 18, 2012

~picture frames and farm chicks winner!~

I've been busy making picture frames out of reclaimed wood~one of my most favorite things to do!
Some of these are already purchased, but I will be adding some to my etsy shop shortly!

The winner of the 2 early bird Farm Chicks tickets is:

Please send me an email with your address to 

and Serena will get these right out to you!

Happy Friday!


Unknown said...

Can I just tell you "I love your picture frames"!

Lauren said...

I love your picture frames too! I have a host of them from your Ruffles to Rust stall which I just love!

Monica Hart said...

Gotta love a girl who can wield a saw and miter box!
Very pretty frames. Have a great weekend and thank you!

Woodside Park said...

Hey Melanie - Your picture frames are awesome! I love the chunky width on the ones you show. They look great on that bench. Very cool!! Have a great weekend :-)

Picture Frames said...

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Unknown said...

These are awesome. I always go out and buy picture frames for the kids to decorate for the holidays. However I do love the look of these. I may have to stop by your esty shop!

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