Tuesday, June 12, 2012

~farm chicks purchases and our new dining room chairs~

I didn't bring my camera into the Farm Chicks show this year because
 I wanted to concentrate on shopping! 
But I did take some pictures of my purchases yesterday to share with you all.

I will say that I did most of my spending at Uber Chic.
I was so excited to see them there.
My friend Maria has told me about them and said I would love their products, so when the doors opened, I headed straight for their space, which did not disappoint!

 My friend Heather took the photo below.
I purchased one of these but when I brought it home realized it was way to big for 
the spot I needed it in.
 So, I got a little creative and removed the jug, inverted the basket, and turned it into a chandelier!

 I also picked up a few more of these jugs from Uber chic.
I have a little collection going now.
I got the M heart from Sweet Bee in Snohomish.
 I have started a new breadboard collection as well. My good friend Heather surprised me with one from Farm Chicks, and I got a couple there as well.
 This is the one I got from the boys at Uber Chic, love it!
 Uber Chic also had a ton of grain sacks, so I picked up a couple.
This one I am using as a runner on my table.

 I got the subway art I made hung in it's permanent location.
 And here is a closeup of the new Restoration Hardware chairs.
I swiped the chair pads off our kitchen bar stools for the photos, but I am going to have my upholsterer make me some more. 
I also need to get 2 more chairs.
These chairs are smaller than our previous ones, so I can fit more around the table.
I also swapped out our previous rug for a seagrass one from Ikea.

 I think I will have her make cushions that coordinate with the 
grain sack chairs she did for me about a year ago.
{Her name is Angie and her business is A and D Upholstery, she is out of Everett Washington}
 I picked what peonies I had left in the garden....
they are my favorite flower.

 Going for a little more relaxed casual look, I took down the sconces and put up my kids silhouettes on one side, and my furry children's on the other side.

I did a little tweaking on the shelving, mainly just making things a little more sparse.
 I will be adding lots of these books to my etsy shop soon.
 I found these Anthropologie letters at a garage sale over the weekend.
They both had price tags on the back for $28 each.
I paid a whopping $2 for both!
 The coral adds a little beachy summer vibe.
 I also found these glass grapes at a garage sale, placed them in a chippy cast iron urn, and placed a glass dome over them.
 I've often thought about putting curtains here, but, this is the side of the house that faces the lake 
{you can see it real close if you squint} 
I just hate blocking that view, but it does feel a little unfinished to me.
Any suggestions?
{Joni, that question is for you!}
 Looking from the living room into the dining room.
 I already can't wait till next years Farm Chicks!


Lynne said...

I love the transition!
Thank for sharing Angie's name.

bayrayschild said...
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bayrayschild said...

Simply B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !!!


[email protected] said...

This is ALL SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Seriously every bit of it is just perfect!!

Anonymous said...

i love what you did with the light above the table in your dining room!
Sure wish I lived closer to attend one of the Farm Chick shows.......someday!

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Love your dining area! When I saw your light fixture I decided I have to find something similar for my kitchen. It's really cute! The grain sack runner is cute, too. Your table and chairs are pretty and now I'm thinking of getting rid of my painted table and chairs in the kitchen and going with wood instead. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to pin several of these photos. Sounds like a great shopping trip!

Phyllis Trevor Higgerson, Henhurst said...

Beautiful photos. I love the urn filled with peonies - gorgeous, great shelf styling, and your idea for the light fixture is pure genius.

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Everything looks amazing Melaine! xo

Wild Oak Designs said...

I really like what you did! Awesome....I love those chairs.....

Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful, I'm never tired of photos of your home.


And genius move on the light!


kim g. said...

I like the new chandelier. I think I would find a pair of great old shutters and hang them on either side of the window. They can be chippy and a good color.

kim g. said...

I like the new chandelier. I think I would find a pair of great old shutters and hang them on either side of the window. They can be chippy and a good color.

Unknown said...

Your house looks great! I also like the idea of old shutters.. Or maybe some soft textured sheers just at the sides. I bought grain sacks from uber chic at the show too, who knows maybe we passed right by each other. Just us and the 3 mill. other people, it was so packed! Did you see the rolls of Seattle street names from city busses? I bought a couple, they look alot like the subway signs. :)

Lynette said...
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Lynette said...

Your home is just so amazing! Love it! I usually think windows feel unfinished without draperies too. I bet some gorgeous lightweight linen in a creamy color would be amazing. Simple straight panels mounted on the outside of the window and all the way to the top of the ceiling so they don't block the view. (small window too). I always say...drapery is like clothing for your room....you're never fully dressed without them :)

Woodside Park said...

Hey Melanie!
Thanks for showing us photos of your cool purchases and fabulous home!!
Very clever use of the basket as chandelier. I like it a lot. You are a great stylist :-) If I lived closer, would have been first in line at the Farm Chicks Show.

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Just beautiful, love the way you did the basket as a chandelier! Myself I wouldn't do curtains, to me it's beautiful as it is, a shame to close off such a beautiful veiw! Love the way you decorate♥

Blue Shore House said...

Everything looks perfect! I especially love the grain sack table runners.

Have a *fancy* day!

kathee said...

I love all of your new finds~especially love how you turned the bottle holder into the chandelier. I'm very good friends with Chris and Dustin from Uber Chic and lucky enough to be able to see them every month! My husband makes the chandeliers with the metal baskets...
Have a great week, kathee

Seawashed said...

it is my favorite look of your ever changing home thus far! I would leave the window open to that gorgeous view. Though I could see a bamboo shade, always rolled up, just to add a bit more rustic texture to go with the rustic beauty you already got going on. ox

[email protected] said...

Hi Melaine! Love all the little tweaks you made. I really like the ruffly chair covers with the mix of the other more masculine touches in the room. I know you're thinking of changing them, but I love them. Did you make those yourself?? And what a steal on the Anthro letters ;)


Little Leslie said...

Love everything you got. Adore what you did with the basket. I love making light fixtures out of not ordinary things.
For you dining room window, how about some nice light to the floor shears , left open, just to finish off the space.
Take care,

Unknown said...

I was there too! We flew from Florida so I couldn't buy any large items. I did manage to find some great things that were flat..haha
Love what you did with the basket.
What did you do with the jug?!
I will be there next year!

Kristen Whitby said...

LOVE everything! Especially your new chandelier! I had the same dilemma in my home, and I tried several different curtains, but in the end, I just liked the plain undressed windows. If you have the other feminine touches in the room, like your chair covers, maybe try beefing up the windows with thicker, chunkier mouldings? It would create a pretty frame for your beautiful view!

Lynne said...

I love your new look . . . Everything! The idea for the basket like lamp is ingenious . . ., IKEA rug perfect, silhouettes framing the window (children and furry) my favorite. What I really like is the open view to the lake. I wouldn't put a thing on the windows. The view is your draping . . .

The enchanted home said...

STUNNING!!!!!! Love your style, its sooo elegant but inviting and warm. Just fabulous...you nailed it!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Oh my goodness Melaine...you have outdone yourself!! Your dining room is gorgeous!! I love the vintage bucket light fixture and your new chairs are so beautiful too!! It official: best dining room ever!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think you should do simple burlap panels - one on each side of the window. Since you have very little space above the window you could have them made flat, shaped the same as the arch, clip metal rings at the top and hang them from small decorative plant hooks. That way it's simple, won't obstruct your view, but will look cozy and complete. Just my two cents!

Carrie Ann Eddleman said...

Everything looks so lovely. You could hang your curtains mostly outside the window frame just up to the edge, so you don't block any of that pretty view.

Unknown said...

Sigh, can I just take it all Melaine? It is so beautiful and your creativity is beyond inspiring (as usual!). I am loving the new chairs and the chandelier is the coolest contrast, do I smell another career in lighting?

Dear Lillie said...

Oh my goodness! Everything looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Love the new look!!! The chairs work perfectly! You are so talented:)

Polly_E said...

Hello Melanie,
For the window, I personally wouldn't put any curtains/sheers because that view is amazing. I would suggest maybe some branches with dried berries for the length of the divide between the upper and lower windows with a slight overhang. I would tie them with plain rafia in two places equally spaced and then hang just that.
I wish I could send you a picture of what I mean.

I have a 'spray' I purchased at a rustic store that has dried deep burgundy berries, pinecones, braches and little rusty tin stars all through out it. I have used it over two door ways in my home as well as over a curtain rod where I didn't want to block the view I have. I have it along the curtain rod and then bend hanging down the one side of the window frame.

I hope you can visualize what I mean.

Your home is so beautiful, warm and welcoming. Your ideas inspire me for my own decorating.

Monica Hart said...

Love, LOVE it all! Especially the new chandelier!!! Brilliant idea. So rusitc/chic!
I adore the breadboard collection! I wish I could have gone to the show! You have been amazingly busy! Wow!
xxo M

aimee {sixteen fourteen} said...

Wow, I love it all! So comfortable, yet so fresh and polished. Really beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your photos you take. Your house doesn't seem to be too large by the last photo though when you are taking indiv. ones the rooms look huge! Thanks for taking "from across the room shots" for us!

Liz VanKirk

mah said...

Beautiful! What about a pair of shabby shutters? Painted with chalk paint of milk paint and aged. It would define the windows more but it wouldn't cover up any of the window. Love what you do.

mah said...

What about old windows on each side? or old doors? old iron gates or trellis?

Haley's Hopechest said...

I think it looks great the way it is, however if you do curtains they wouldn't have to block the view. Just hang them far enough on each side of the window so the inside edge of the curtain frames the edge of the window. I love what you've done!

Leah Moss said...

more and more beautiful every minute!

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