Thursday, June 28, 2012

~my studio~

 A few cobblestone steps from our back door, my husband built me my dream studio.
It's been 95% done for a little over a year, but I was waiting to take pictures until the project was 100% done, but you know how that goes.....
So, I'm sharing with you today even though some of the finishing details aren't completely done.
Here it is,
 this is where the magic happens.
 I believe it's around 400 square feet, but I could be off.
I described to my husband what I was looking for. 
Not only in aesthetics, but also in function.
He nailed it~literally, ha ha!
He spent many nights after work hammering away, and gave up many 
weekends to build me this studio. 
I love that guy!
I have to also thank his friends who also lent a helping hand.

 This is my little slice of heaven nestled amongst the trees.
It's where I make frames, paint signs, and sew pillows, among other things.
 While I call this MY room, it's also my husbands place to work on projects for around the house.
When he told me there was going to have to be a large toolbox in the room to house misc. power tools, I thought, oh crap, that will look horrible.
But wait, you will see the solution we came up with in a minute.

 A tray on my workspace is filled with many necessary things like screwdrivers, scissors, pliers, etc. but they are all tucked away in pretty containers.
 When you walk in, if you look to your right this is what you will see.
The big white armoire houses all my fabrics.
 And here is the tool box.
See it?
It also doubles as the "island" or workspace!
I disguised the front and sides with plank salvaged wood, so from anywhere but the back, 
you can't tell it's a tool box!
My husband put a stainless steel top on it and heavy duty casters on the bottom, so it can be moved if necessary.

 The two story windows flood this room with light.
And I have a heater in there so this room can be used year round.

 The entire back of the studio is wall to wall cabinets.
We bought these white laminate cabinets in the garage section at Home Depot.
I painted them with Annie Sloan paint and used their dark wax to age them a bit.

 Each cabinet is filled with tupperware's that are clearly labeled.

 This is the front of the island. Can't tell it's a tool box right?
The basket houses my air nailer.

 I chose cork for the floor because of the simple fact that it hides dirt.
In this workspace there is a lot of dirt, paint, and crud, so having this floor is perfect!
 Along the left hand side of the room is the part I love!
It's my saw where I cut all the wood for frames and signs, etc. My husband also incorporated a air filtration system and dust collector.
I can't tell you how nice this is to have.
No sawdust going everywhere, it goes right into the bag!

 These brackets I found at a salvage yard in Seattle.
They are HUGE and hold piles and piles of lumber.

 And here is my pile of old chippy wood sitting here waiting to be made into frames.

 I used a piece of old painted grey wood and misc. letters to create this huge my sweet savannah sign.

 I also have a little sewing area.
Here sits my trusty old sewing machine!

 Out every window is greenery, it's like I'm tucked away in my own secret hideaway.
If you have any questions regarding this space, please leave me a message in the comment section.

Here are some of the sources in case you are interested:

Chandelier~Home Depot
Tray on Island~Sweet Bee in Snohomish
Blue and white pottery pieces~garage sale
Letters for My Sweet Savannah sign~flea markets, yard sales
Windows, siding, doors, outdoor lights~Home Depot
Tools~Home Depot
Tool Box~custom order
Baskets on top of cabinets~Flea market finds
White fabric cabinet~stole out of Savannah's room
Black sewing chair~garage sale
Vase that holds hydrangeas~Ross
Picture frames~made by me, available in my etsy shop
Dream glitter letters~Wendy Addison
Brackets that hold the wood~Second Use building materials in Seattle
Cabinetry~Home Depot
Paint color on cabinetry~Country Grey by Annie Sloan
Wall color~marine magic by Behr, eggshell finish
White trim color~White dove by Behr, eggshell finish
Tupperware's~Home Depot
Label Maker~Office Maxx
Bulletin Board~Ruffles and Rust flea market
Silver trophy cup~barn house boys flea market
Annie Sloan paint can be purchased locally at Haley's Cottage, or look online for locations near you.

Have a wonderful day!


Free Art Printables said...

Holy cow lady!!! I have one word... AWESOME. FABULOUS.AMAZING... okay a few words.. I LOVE IT!

Lynne said...

Brilliant, absolutely!

Valerie said...

I am jealous, but a good jealous. I absolutley LOVE it! Enough to add a touch of jealousy that makes me want to think of having my own workshop/shed. You really gave me a boost of motivation. Thank you so much for sharing!

Sara said...

What a beautiful workspace! Your husband did a great job! Where is your sewing desk from? Looks similar to one at west elm.
Thanks for sharing your space!

I Do Declare said...

What a GREAT space - you're so lucky!


I'm in total are one lucky lady! That studio is magazine worthy!

Moore Minutes said...

This is gorgeous! Just perfect. How exciting and your husband is a keeper. :)

the modern cottage said...

How fantastic! So pretty, you are lucky lady.

Dixie Delights said...

Gorgeous! You are a lucky lady!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL!!! Makes me want to craft & build or at least pretent to. So my hubby would build me my own little get away. Love your blog too!!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

It's amazing, Melaine! My dream studio - please enjoy it a thousand times over for all of us!!!!!

Diane Hutchings said...

What an amazing place to create!!

Lindsay at Life of Splendor said...

Melanie, this looks awesome! I LOVE your studio. I'm starting to brainstorm a studio myself and I've gotten some awesome ideas from this. I bet your so inspired to create in this space!

Paula said...

Oh my goodness! That is THE most incredible workspace. Absolutely FAB-U-LOUS - and bespoke too! What a wonderful man your husband is - and how clever of you both to create and design a room that is as practical as it is beautiful!
Best wishes from England, I'm feeling truly inspired.
Paula xx

Unknown said...

LOVE! The outside is very NW style. I have been trying to talk my hubby into those outside lights for our new house.

If you ever want to sell your place and .... oh wait...that would mean I would be packing again, nevermind. :)

Rose D. Frenchtown, NJ said...

Love, love, LOVE everything about it!!

Hannah said...

wow wow and wow again!!!!! you are one lucky girl!!!! oh the things i could do with a place like that! you and your husband have done an amazing job!!!!!

Michelle said...

Beautiful space. Love it.

Alyssa said...

It's so beautiful! You're very lucky!!!! ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

[email protected] said...

Lucky Lady! I think every girl dreams of a studio just like this. It's stunning. You're hubby did a awesome job.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! how did you ever keep this a secret for a year!!!! its beautiful!!!! ~Leslie

Tiff said...

What a dream! I'm so happy and excited for you!

pballard said...

Perfect Place, Perfect space... Perfect tatse...Love it all.. Thanks for sharing.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Wow! Your Studio is sooo AWESOME! I Love how you came up with the idea for your toolbox and air nailer.
You are one Lucky Girl! This is a dream studio! Thanks for sharing!
Happy Creating!!

[email protected]

Pudel-design said...

This ia awesome!
Love, love, loe it!
A am building my own space at the moment too, I
wish it would turn out the half ow pretty as yours!;)
The wall color is fabulous!

Lovely greetings...

The Painted Home said...

you are one lucky lady!

Anne Lorys said...

How exciting, Melaine!
It looks just lovely, how exciting for you!


~Kelley~ said...

WOW GORGEOUS!! Do you happen to know the model name/number for the outdoor porch light? Love it and looking for some=) THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a fabulous place to work in & get inspired. Everything in its place so that you can easily find it. LOVE IT!

By the way is your husband a builder? I've seen a few projects that he has built you.

Liz VanKirk

[email protected] Stroll Thru Life said...

Wow, what a dream space. Love, love, love it. Hugs, Marty

Amanda said...

OMG OMG OMG I'm so jealous, yet inspired! You're husband is one heck of a guy, a definite keeper!

Jenn said...

I'm am truly in awe...let me tell you that I could get some serious stuff done in a place like that!! Congrats on creating an amazing space for doing your thing. I am sending this link to my husband!

Dear Lillie said...

This is extraordinary, Melaine! I am so jealous! It's gorgeous!

Dori said...

Completely inspiring!!!WOW You've done a beautiful job!

chrissiwithab said...

Love your studio. Love that you and your husband found a way to share the same space. Inspiring.

Unknown said...

wow...that is incredible. you're quite a lucky duck!

{ L } said...

Wow, what a wonderful husband you have! I especially like the exterior. It's so pretty, and fits right in with nature's greenery.

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous!!

What an amazing space.

Great job Chris!


Kate said...

Wow, what a lovely space! You are a lucky girl. :)

Unknown said...

What kind of air staple gun do you use?
Suzanne Benner

Unknown said...

Melanie, what kin of staple gun do you have?

kathryn said...

Awesome space!! Love it :)

Linda said...

Absolutely lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Your work space is amazing. What a fun place to go and create. Lucky you!!!! I have 1 question, where did you purchase the chair that rolls around, the black one or computer chair. I am looking for one, saw PB has it but expensive and not sue about the quality. Thanks, Mickey in PA. [email protected]

Unknown said...

What an awesome and totally huge space. It is pretty too.

Amy @ Fig Milkshakes said...

*gasp* GORGEOUS!

*smacks husband* Look at what HER husband did!


Anonymous said...

What an awesome space!!! Good job hubby!

Vera :)

Kelley said...

Hi Melaine! I lovE LOVe Love your studio! It is so perfectly you. How nice of you to share it with your husband too....I'm not sure I would want to share!

xo kelley

Mindy said...

What a lovely place to create! And you look cute in it : )

[email protected] said...

Absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful space. I need something similar!'re really pretty!

Have a great night!

Tina :-)

Between You and Me said...

MELAINE!!!! It is amazing....I pinned this post!

I'd love to add those painted laminate cabinets to our garage!!! BRILLIANT!

Unknown said...

This space is awesome!

JessicaR said...

Every girls DREAM, that is such an amazing space!! I am absolutely jealous, I hope to have a wonderful space such as that one day to let my creativity run wild!

Monica Hart said...

Oh my gosh! Love, love LOVE it. What a wonderful space. Must be a pleasure to go to work! Too cool! You and the Mr. look darling btw!
xxo Monica

Sharon said...

I'm speechless! It is such an awesome space!! What fun to go to such a nice place to work...does it stay looking like all the time??
Loved it!!

pam {simple details} said...

Unbelievably fabulous! What a charming workspace you two have created!

Wendy said...

Oh my word, girl. That is a fabulous space! I loved looking at every.single.picture! You are so talented to be able to use all of those fancy schmancy tools. WoW! You and your hubby are so extremely talented. xox

Haley's Hopechest said...

Melaine, I love your studio. I've always wondered where you did all your crafty stuff at. Looks awesome. Because of you I have been trying to find a salvage yard in my area, but all that comes up in my searches are wrecking yards and old this what you go to? I was thinking you went to a wood salvage yard or something. Do I just live in the worst place on earth to find cool stuff??????

Sarah @ Simply Sarah Style said...

What a beautiful room. I love the My Sweet Savannah sign. Awesome job on this space!

Room to Inspire said...

I am in love! Words can't describe my how jealous I am! Ha! It looks great - see you this weekend!


limestone hoods said...

Chandelier is looking great. Is it from Buildmart?

- Herman Swan

Carla said...

I was jealous over the photo studio that Funky Junk had but Yours wins hands down. I was hoping when we moved to property with some land I could have such a building in the back but I guess it's not in the cards. Deed restrictions won't let me have one. Oh well my small room will have to do. Lucky YOU.

Stephen Saint-Onge Studio said...

Love that you have the separate studio space for your creative works. You will LOVE my current makeover project - it's a creative space in a small barn for a woman that wanted a place just for her. Will share that with you soon...Good for you. Looks great.

The Painted Home said...

so great! I think I commented on your studio before, and here I am again. I am in the process of creating an outdoor space for myself to start a Ladies Craft Night business. and this is such fabulous inspiration! I can't wait to show it to our carpenter. It's perfectly simple and gorgeous all at the same time. (just like your projects that come out of it) keep on craftin'!

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