Sunday, July 29, 2012

~an eclectic beach bungalow~

My friend Cindy lives in the most darling little cottage just minutes from Lake Washington.
When you walk up the path to her front door you know you are in for a treat!
The flower lined brick paths are so quaint, little signs peak out here and there, and birds are happily chirping in many of the bird baths.
The front gate is made from an old iron bed.

Cindy's favorite color is turquoise and you will see it everywhere.
I love this seating area on the front porch.
Chippy painted vintage furniture, lots of shells, and fresh flowers,
 and candles, 
yes, even on the porch!

The front porch is so welcoming. 
Lots of places to sit and have your morning coffee.
 Every square inch is filled with something "beachy"
 This chalkboard sign hangs right next to the front door.
 Here on her back porch is another chalkboard with a very cute saying.
Notice the pink chalk!
 Back to the front porch.
The welcome sign is so sweet under a huge lush wisteria vine.

 Even the front door has vintage millinery and a old shoe stretcher adorning the handle.
 Shall we go inside?
 You walk into the living room which is open and airy, especially with all the windows and skylights.
I can imagine in the dead of winter this home still feels bright and cheery.
 The mantle is covered in family treasures and collected pieces.
 A vintage shelf holds more precious vintage objects~there is collections everywhere!
 I love the mix of pillows on the white slip covered sofa.

 Off the living room is the kitchen with it's fabulous turquoise painted cabinets!
Cindy said her old decor used to be very country, lots of dark reds and blues.
This is a far cry from that!
 The glass knobs and bead board walls make this a true cottage kitchen.
Check out that checkered floor!
 Something tells me pink is her second favorite color!
 Off the kitchen is the eat in dining room.
A mix of different chairs, all painted white, around a giant farm table makes you feel right at home.
The walls are covered with family photos, vintage plates, and of course, lots of seashells.
 And, of course she has a collection of aqua mason jars!

 Even the window sills are filled with old bottles and shells.
 The dining table has this darling burlap runner down it.

 Just to the right of that is a cozy little family room, or den, 
with it's original tongue and groove wood walls. 
Check out that giant floral sconce, gorgeous!
This room is filled with over sized, over stuffed shabby chic sofas and chairs.
I didn't seem to get a picture of them, sorry!
 Down the hallway is the guest bedroom. 
The floor is painted aqua and the walls are a lighter shade.
 I love this enamel sign!
 The next room is the craft room.
This is a crafters paradise!
Glitter, paper, shells, and vintage bits and bobs take over.
 Even the chandelier is dressed up!

 And finally, the small but cozy master bedroom.
I love how the bed is nestled in this little alcove. 
Very sweet.
 And I had to show you the pink and white checkered painted floor!

Are you wondering if there is a man that lives here?
Well, yes, Cindy shares this home with her husband who was there the day I took the photos.
He is the sweetest man, you can tell he is over the moon in love with his wife, and he loves his home just as much as she does!

Here's a few random pictures I took that I also have to share with you!

 Here is the owner Cindy, on the left, with her daughter Jody.
Love them both.
Please take a moment in the comments section to
 thank them for opening up their home for you all!
Even though this cottage is small, it has a very open feeling to it.
You can tell it is filled with love.
Thank you for letting me take pictures of your home Cindy!
Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Yep, that's just about perfect! Thank you for sharing :)

Jana Johnson Label said...

They are my friends too! Over the years it has always been a treat to visit their many cute things!


What a spectacularly shabby little cottage, she has truly captured the essence of cottage living!

Just My Cup of Joe said...

Thanks for sharing! I especially love the kitchen.

Cheapchick said...

Wow, how pretty, I love the vintage beach look.

Unknown said...

Just beautiful, beachy, and so homey! Love it all : o )

Blessed Serendipity said...

So beautiful! This cottage deserves to be in a magazine. I love every detail.


Mindy said...

Such a fun peek into a quaint cottage! Thanks for sharing with us.

Fancy said...

What a lovely cottage full of goodies to admire! And that blue jar collection is to die for! <3

Unknown said...

Their home is lovely! What a happy place. The kitchen cabinets with beadboard are gorgeous.

Art and Sand said...

What a sweet place to enjoy life!

cathywhatisoldisnew said...

This has been one of my favorite cottage tours. It looks like it has a lot of heart and soul to it. Love the soothing colors and chippy furniture.

Recycled Rita said...

That cottage is darling! I could move in in a heartbeat and be a happy person! karen....

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for allowing us to visit your beautiful home. It is absolutely charming!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Those kitchen cabinets are to die for!

AndeM1 said...

Cindy's home is adorable. i enjoyed the tour very much! I think I'll take the tour again!

Unknown said...

OMGoodness!! I love their home, it looks so comfy and welcoming.
Thanks for sharing!!

T said...

Bursting with personality and style.

One can't help but be even a "tiny bit" inspired upon taking it all in.

So sweet. Thanks for sharing. :)

bec said...

wow she has no shortage of beachy vintage goodies....imagine her garage sales....
Bec x

Sarah macklem said...

Wow, so charming. You can tell there's alot of love in their home. Thanks for sharing. ~Sarah

Sheila said...

So charming! Thanks for the photos.

Unknown said...

What a cute place! I love the bed tucked into the alcove (looks almost like a closet) but that gives me a cool idea if I even need to fit a bed into a room that doesn't need a closet (could use a wardrobe instead for example in a guest room). Putting that in the idea file!

cocoquilts said...

What a beautiful home! From the moment you walk up to the front gate, looks like a cottage in a fairytale!! Love the aqua kitchen cabinets combined with the check floor and touches of pink throughout the cottage! Perfect love!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

such a darling and whimsical home! :)

Anonymous said...

A very welcoming, charming, sweet and lovely home!! You can tell some serious talent lives in this house and that it is filled with all things that she loves. Wonderful!! Thanks so much for sharing and for the inspiration!

Funky Fondant said...

I love this! what a beautiful home, it looks like it was made for me. as Mary Poppins said, Practically perfect in every way.

Unknown said...

Beautiful! What color are the kitchen cabinets painted?

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