Sunday, August 26, 2012

~fifty shades of grey~

Get your mind out of the gutter.
I'm talking grey interiors silly!
Although, I will say there is a lot of buzz going around blog land about this book.
Check out these posts.......
Now onto another gorgeous home using lots of grey.
I found this gorgeous home via Elle Decor.
Interiors by Linda McDougald Design.

I also used the Sherwin Williams "Chip it" to show you some of the grey colors used.
While these weren't the exact colors used in the rooms, you can use it as a guide to get a similar look.

Let's start with the front entry of this home.
This home is located on a lake and is titled 

Postcard From Paris.

Now, let's "chip it"
Moving onto the foyer.
What a gorgeous piece of furniture, so beautifully styled.
 Look at all the different shades of grey.
Let's take a look at the gorgeous dining room shall we?
I love the soft muted colors and textures in here.
And look at that ceiling! 
 The styling is perfection too.
 So far, no two greys are the same.
Do you want to see the kitchen?
 I'm in love with it all.
Paint colors to get this look:
Let's check out the bathroom.
Hello beautiful bathtub.

 Are you catching all these shades of grey?

The living room, my favorite I think:

 And, for your paint colors in the living room....
How would you like to have your morning coffee here?
Or a glass of wine in the evening?
Or how about a glass of wine in the morning and a glass of wine in the evening?
Whatever suits your fancy.
 Love the stonework.

 I would love to try urbane bronze somewhere, it looks delicious.
On Friday I took the kids garage saling.
We were at a huge sale and I was at one end of the driveway, the kids at the other end, when I hear my daughter hold up a book and yell clear across to me, "look mom! It's the book you read!"
Yep, it was fifty shades, and my face turned fifty shades of red.
Thank goodness she doesn't know what it's about!
Oh, and by the way.....
I turned off my word verification just for you, so comment away!


Rebecca said...

I don't usually comment on your beautiful blog ,but that was a very catchy title. LOL
Keep up the great work.

Elisabeths Borg said...

personly I love grey!! This was a beautiful home, thank you for for showing it:-)

Virginia Smith said...

I love all of these rooms! So gorgeous! BTW, my husband works at Lowe's Home Improvement in West Plano, Texas. Last night he came home from work and said, "You want 50 shades of grey? Come see me in the paint department of Lowe's." Cracked me up so much I put it on my Facebook page!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

One of the prettiest homes I've seen! Years ago I'm sure I would have thought a home full of grays would look dreary and dull, but clearly that is not the case!

Anonymous said...

Love the books, LOVE Mr. Gray!!!

Lexi Keppel said...

Though the individual components in this house are beautiful (lanterns, windows, mirrors, etc) this house is so RH catalog over-styled and boring. No one can truly live well without a little bit of color!

Anonymous said...

While I have heard all about the book. When I went to Amazon and read the reviews- which you should cause its really fun ....And its a laugh. I won't buy it cause if I'm gonna... A hot book better use much more hot toned words than "down there"...,;). You rock in shall I say "tying it all together" from the rockstar fan. Cheers!

bec said...

grey is always clean and classy...unlike the book! :)
Bec x

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jackie said...

Looks like a Restoration Hardware home and I LOVE it....

T said...

Grey -- ALL SHADES -- seduces me.

It just does.

This home is mouth-watering.

Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

Wow Fifty Shades at a garage sale already???


Holy grayness....that house is simply perfect. Would not change one thing except to make it mine :)

Bernadette @b3hd said...


Sandra said...

I tried urbane bronze on two cane back french chairs...HATED it! I tried Skimming Stone and I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE them! :)

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