Saturday, August 25, 2012

~number 2~

My baby tackles now.
He runs people over, smashing into them~
 for fun.
He has bruises places I didn't think were possible to bruise.
He goes to bed exhausted every night.
He has ran more in the last 3 weeks than I think he has his whole life.
His coaches yell at him.

But let me tell you, he LOVES every second of it!

So proud of him for sticking with it!
Go Falcons!


Anonymous said...

How cute is he!

Although dont tell him I said cute tell him how "cool" is he, I'm sure he'll appreciate that much better



They are so babies...but so grown up all at the same time :)

S said...

LOL...tell home to steer clear of #79...he looks like he was born for football...yikes! Cody must be having a blast! I cannot wait til Quinn can play!!!

Sew a Fine Seam said...

Amazing how fast they grow up isn't it? Sigh. My 'baby' turns 7 in just a couple more months. Where does the time go?!!
Do you have an option for following by email? I'd love to follow you that way if there is! And thanks for the link to me! Let me know when you need something made :) Want a yellow Union Jack pillow??

Juliana of Frenchtwine said...

Love it! Been there, done that! Mine now play college ball and I love it still! This is the only time in your sons life that you will be asking him why he didnt hit that boy harder!!! Enjoy......

T said...

How gratifying! Great memories you have there. There is just something priceless about watching little guys growing up playing football.

I have two sons who started playing at 7, and the older of the two now plays at the collegiate level.

Love my heart is forever tied to the sport through the lives of my sons.

Yes, be proud, Mom!

[email protected] said...

Yeah, I'm the mom who loves football and totally encourages it. My son is going on his 6th and final year of youth football. Next year he is on to high school. He was one of the smallest players his first year, but now is one of the strongest leaders on his team. He also shares your son's number. My personal favorite!

paisleyjunk said...

Awh, I just started following your blog (love it btw). This post just made me get all choked up, my son is 3. Your boy looks so proud, it's such a sweet photo.

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